Special Room News – Epsom

Special Room News – Epsom

Cubs Room: 

  • Drawing has been a massive interest in the babies’ room over the past couple of weeks; we’ve been using lots of different resources to draw with.
  • All things “lights” is what’s been happening! Different fairy lights around the room, using the light box with different objects making the room a peaceful light display throughout the day.
  • We have been doing lots of music and learning new songs each day! Even some actions to go with them.
  • We can’t get enough of bubbles!!! The children really enjoy using their gross motor skills to pop the bubbles and some even chasing after them.
  • We have been doing lots of pretend play with puppets and learning all about the different animals and what noises they make.

cubs 29.3.16 (2)

Giraffes Room:

  • We have really been focusing on different story books, 2 of our favourite books lately are ‘Where is the green sheep?’ & ‘There was an old bloke who swallowed a bunny’
  • Sensory activities have been something that we all really enjoy in our room. We have been making lots of play dough and mould into different shapes and items. We have been using the magnetic shapes to learn our colours as well!
  • We have been doing lots of gardening in our yard. We have just planted some seeds so we are watering the and raking the dirt to watch them to grow and we are also helping with our worm farm and putting our food scraps in the tub.
  • We have been doing lots of role-playing with our dolls in our doctors’ corner since learning and singing the song ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’.
  • We have had lots of families wanting us to really focus on toilet training, so we are incorporating this in to our every day program and group times.

giraffes 29.3.16 (1)

Zebras Room:

  • The ‘Hey Dee Ho’ Music program has been a massive influence on our music and movement program, with lots of singing and dancing has been happening in our room.
  • We have been gardening like there’s no tomorrow trying to keep all of our plants alive in the horrible heat. Lots of watering of the plants and using our leftover drinking water from our cups to help!
  • We have really been enjoying Quirky Tales with a different theme each week. We really enjoyed our beach theme and learning all about the beach, what it’s made up of and what you can find there.
  • We celebrated everything Irish last week with one of our special event days being St. Patrick’s Day! We made green play dough; we painted our faces green, and made lots of St. Patrick’s Day artwork.
  • We love building and construction! We have been making so many wonderful masterpieces. We have been using so many different materials to make them and loving our recyclables to use!

zebras 29.3.16 (2)

Tigers Room:

  • We have been focusing a lot on our letters and loving letter recognition. We have been doing a letter of the week, including the sound of the letter, activities, and resources around that letter to get ready for Pre-School.
  • All things “Cars” has been a massive subject in the Tigers Room. We have been talking about what we use cars for, the different signs we see when driving and all of the different vehicles there are.
  • We have been hunting for bugs since the warm weather brings out lots of creepy crawlies, looking at different types, how many legs they have and where they live.
  • We love using our imagination! Especially in our home corner area, we do lots of role-playing.
  • Self skills are very important in this age group and getting prepared for Pre-School next year. We have been focusing a lot on taking care of our own belongings and reminding others.

tigers 29.3.16 (2)

Lions Room:

  • We had an incursion with Ghana Have Some Fun. This school performance tour was incredible, with interactive drumming and a theatre play.
  • We have been focusing on a letter of the week and making our way through the alphabet! We are doing loads of activities with our letter of the week such as Gardening for our G week!
  • We have been doing lots of water play activities over the past month during the hot weather that came to town.
  • We are loving everything music and dance at the moment. Anything we can incorporate dance and music in to we are. We have music on all day through the room and yard.
  • We have been doing lots of sports lately. We have been really into our tennis and cricket and just starting to get in to football.

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