Special Room April News: Jenny’s ELC Epsom

Special Room April News: Jenny’s ELC Epsom

Cubs Room

It has been a fun and exciting month in the Cubs Room. Recently, we celebrated Nature Play week, as well as the Music and Rhythm week.

For Nature Play week, we watered the plants around the Cubs and Giraffes yard and visited the vegetable garden where we did sand and dirt pasting. In the vegetable garden, we also water the plants and explored our senses by smelling some of the herbal plants.

For Music and Rhythm week, we had the Hey-Dee-Ho music program. Together, we sung and danced to the Wiggles and experimented with different sounds using a variety of musical instruments.

The children have shown a strong interest in playing with Lego blocks in our indoor and outdoor areas; the children have also been busy making towers and connecting the blocks together.

CUBS 21.4.16

Giraffes Room

We have had another busy month in the Giraffe room continuing on with our toilet training. Children have been asking educators if they can sit on the toilet after having their nappies changed. It is great to see the children beginning to further develop their independence and self-help skills.

Also this month, we have taken part in Nature week, participating in various artwork activities that involved using natural substances like dirt, leaves and grass. We also made our own trees using different types of green paper to resemble the leaves. Along with the theme of nature, we have been watering the grass which was planted a month or so ago – it has now sprouted and we will continue to water it over the next few months. Overall, this experience has allowed children to show respect and appreciation for the natural environments by participating in such activities.

Another fun experience the children were able to partake in was Music and Rhythm Week. We participated in Hey Dee Ho music program, which the children always seem to enjoy. To create our own instruments, we used recyclable materials by using old pots, pans and spatulas to make music. We also filled plastic bottles with various objects to make our own shakers. The children seemed to thoroughly enjoy expressing their creativeness and individuality while they played their music and danced.

We look forward to another fun-filled month in the Giraffe room and will begin focusing on different colours and shapes.

GIRAFFES 21.4.16

Zebras Room

This month we have been very busy with Nature Play week. We recently explored our environment around us by using different experiments like ‘sink or float’, which involved placing different natural items like leaves and rocks to see which would float or sink. Following on with the week’s theme, we also did lots of artwork activities using natural materials like dirt and straw.

The Music and Rhythm week was also a big hit with the children where we played a variety of musical instruments and even got the chance to make our very own musical shaker to take home!

We also got to explore the sport of gymnastics, watching the different movements the performers made and we even tried to mimic them during our group times using ribbons!

The children have been very interested in their numbers and colours this month, which included matching the circles to the numbers. A fun activity to combine the two was to play a fishing game where the children were able to use a magnet to catch the fish; once the fish was caught we collectively discussed the colour and number written on the fish. Also during this month, we enjoyed using our imaginations with all the doctors within the Zebra’s room. Using the area, the children bandaged up their friends, gave them medicine and used a stethoscope to check their heartbeats.


Tigers Room

This month we welcomed two new additions into the Tigers Room, one being a rabbit called Bun-Bun and the other a guinea pig called Tyrion. The children were very excited about their arrival and we had lengthy discussions during group times about our responsibilities to take care of them. We are also encouraging parents to take Bun-Bun and Tyrion home over the weekend. If this is something you would be interested in please come and let one of the girls from the Tigers room know.

In other news, we are continuing to work through our letter of the week; we are currently up to the letter ‘J.’ It has been great to see how quickly the children are learning about the different letters through the weekly activity and we are sure you have been hearing lots about the different letters at home too!

This month the children have also showed a strong interest in role playing, pretending to set up shops, so we have set up a supermarket within the Tiger’s room. If you have any empty food boxes lying around please bring them in and we will put them to good use.

We have also just recently set up a parent input board in the room, so we encourage all parents to contribute. This is a great way to help us as educators to plan experiences for the children based on their needs, strengths and interests. Whenever you have the chance, please make sure to come in and check it out.

Thanks for yet another great month in the Tigers Room!

TIGERS 21.4.16

Lions Room

This week in the Pre-School Room we have been focusing on the letter ‘K’ for the week. The children have had a range of activities to choose from, focusing their skills on learning words that start with K as well as being able to draw the capital and lower case versions of the letter. We also made crowns for ‘Kings’, the children were able to decorate their crown and staple it together to wear. This was a great way to improve the children’s creativity skills. Overall, the children thoroughly enjoyed this activity as they wore their crown around all day.

During the week, the children have really loved getting into the garden to help dig up the dirt and weeds. We are currently in the process of replanting the garden with new vegetables expected to go in soon – everyone really loved being a part of the process.

During this week’s exploration, some of the children found some worms during our dig! It sparked up some amazing conversations about worms and what they eat and what they do, which provided us with a beautiful learning experience for not only the children but the staff too!

LIONS 21.4.16