Pre School Room News – October

September safety month was a wonderful experience for our children. The lessons have engaged and inspired their minds as well giving them the tools to move throughout our community in a safe manner. Road signs and safety were spoken about, we had a visit from our local Police, he spoke of how to be safe in our community and assured our group that a police man or women is there to help and keep our community safe. The S.E.S also came and demonstrated how they help out in case of floods and fires. How to ride a bike in a safe manner was also part of our program. We set up traffic lights, stop signs, roundabouts, give way and stop signs all around our yard. The children would place a helmet on and off they went, looking out for pedestrians’ kangaroos and items on the road. Our preschoolers were able to obtain their licence after completing the course in a safe manner, not running any red lights or stop signs.

We also began planting some seeds in our garden. We started by digging up the soil crushing the rocks and watering the patch. Carrots Corn and sunflower seeds were all planted by our children, watered in with excitement and care. Each day our children ventured in with their watering cans in hand looking for a sign of growth. First up were the sunflower seeds, next came the corn, sadly the carrots came up and have now vanished, we are not sure why but will try again. Each day we love to see how big our plants are getting and the children love to look around at all the mini beast in our garden.

Thursday, was an extremely busy day. In the morning, Mr Eric Speriment came for Thingle Toodle’s Birthday, to help teach him to be safe. Our children were enthused and engaged and the stories and inventions Mr Speriment spoke about lots of fun things to help Toodle feel safe, after a while he had the courage to blow out the candles on his cake.

preschool sept 3

After an early lunch we all went to the Discovery Centre, with family helpers on the bus. It was a brilliant day, the bus trip created much conversation, road signs traffic lights to name a few were spoken of with confidence and pleasure. We even got to spend some time in the laboratory being scientists. Everyone wore a lab coat and sat at a table waiting to be informed on what we were going to do. On each table were two bowls, food colouring, bicarb soda, vinegar and a conical flask. Kate our teacher came around and gave us some liquid nitrogen, each table group were amazed at the smoke fog or clouds were words used to describe it and we all agreed that it was a good way to explain what they saw. Our next was a volcano, using the conical flask the children added two teaspoons of bicarb, vinegar and food colouring, the eruption gave us some great examples of surprise Sam’s face says it all.

Next we had the milk and food colouring, after adding one drop of each colour into the corners of the bowl, we added one drop of detergent. Once again the results were great rainbows swirls. Chloe, Keeble, Oscar and Phoenix were smiling and delighted in what was occurring.

Preschool sept 1 preschool sept 2

We were able to roam around trying the wonderful variety of devises and inventions, at first the children didn’t stay long at each one, but after the initial excitement they settled down and enjoyed all of the exhibits.

Another wonderful lesson was also part of our day, the planetarium, planets and stars. We went in two groups into a lovely cosy room with bean bags cushions and chairs. The lights went down and as we looked up at the roof we saw the night sky with stars and the sun. Our children were able to say the names of the planets, thanks to our Spaceman song. After our lesson it was back to explore seeking out something we had not yet tried.

Back on the bus we settled down for our ride home, chatting about what we had seen and used during our visit to the discovery centre.

We went on an excursion to the Discovery Centre, on a bus we ventured out with lots of helpers, enjoying the sites along the way.

Christmas time is nearing and we are starting practise for our graduation concert. The children will be presented with their certificates as well as a small gift to remember their time at Jenny’s. The concert will consist of three songs a slide show and a few words from me.