Pre-School Room News – June 2014 (Epsom)

We began our month with an excursion to the theatre. We travelled by bus to Rosalind Park and had a picnic of sandwiches the children made. After a few games we walked up the hill and decided to walk up to the top of the Poppet head. Some of our children said they could see Melbourne from the top.


As we entered the theatre our children were all silent and excited to see Mr McGee and the Biting Flea and other stories. We all took our seats the lights went down and the show began. Our children were so enthralled that they only spoke when the actors asked them to. We had a wonderful time, this experience is very educational providing a new way of viewing a story, seeing how stories can be conveyed in a different setting opens up a child’s imagination. We extended on this by incorporating puppets, handmade shadow puppets were a great success as we set up a curtain and light so our children were able to tell their own story. We put on a show after lunch and in the afternoon.


We have also begun our letter of the week program. Each week we have one or two letters we focus on. The children are able to give us many examples of the letter, we write it, read stories picking out the words we hear and do many activities both art and other all relating to the letter. I have found that by starting this part of our program in the middle of the year the children are both older and able to retain most of what is taught, placing them in the best possible place for school next year.


Each morning our children sign in just like mum and dad. Each child has their photo first letter of their name and their name on a card pegged to a frame. We now have made this more challenging by cutting of the photo and letter. All year they have been signing in and out and now they are able to read their names. How proud we are of our preschool children and this has also built up their self esteem. With confidence and a healthy self esteem our children’s educational journey will be filled with positive happy times.


Palmers Gym is our next excursion and this time we are taking the Tigers along with us. As part of our Preschool and Pre kinder program we are happy to have the tigers as part of the experience. This will be a confidence building experience for all as our children are all very interested in tumbling and rolling we even have some handstands happening. Mr Palmer will be able to assist our children in the correct way to tackle these tasks as well as some other very exciting pieces of equipment. The date is Monday the 21st of July so if you are able to lend a hand please let Alix or myself know so we can pencil you in for a fun filled hour at the gym.


That is all from the preschool room for now


Michelle Spencer Cassy and Shay

kinder photo