Giraffes Room News – June 2014

Hi everyone, wow what a busy month it’s been. As the weather has got much colder we thought it would be a great idea to bring outside, inside!
On those terrible rainy days we decided to bring in our cars and make a car track so the children were able to ride the cars inside , The children absolutely loved being able to ride the cars inside. The children also got the opportunity to play with the balance beam, trampoline,basketball hoop and gym equipment inside.

This month the staff have been encouraging the giraffes to use their self help skills. We have been doing this by:
-Encouraging the children to carry their own meals to the table- this allows the children to choose where they would like to sit, and also helps their gross motor skills and coordination by holding their meals and carrying them safely to the table.
-Encouraging the children to help pack up before meal times- this allows the children to be responsible and also be independent. the children absolutely love helping the staff pack up the toys! Some of the children even like getting out the dust pan and sweep the floor and also help wipe the tables, what good little helpers we have.
-Hygiene and toileting- while some of the children are already toilet training we are also giving all the children the opportunity and choice to use the toilet. We allow the children to climb on and off the toilet safely and also wash their hands independently.

This month has also been exciting as we have had a few children: Hope, Bailey, Amelia, Cody and Charli have moved up from the cubs room into the big giraffes room. The giraffes children have welcomed all our new friends move up from the cubs room.

We also just want to remind all parents to ensure children have extra warm clothing in their bags as the weather is a lot colder now. This includes: jumpers,jackets & beanies to keep our little ears warm outside.

Thank you all for a busy exciting month, love the giraffes room – Chrissy, Mikaela, Grace & Alanna.


giraffes photo