Cubs Room News – June 2014

Hello Parents/Guardians and families,

In the Cubs room we have been trying to get more involved with the children’s lives outside of care. To do this we have started a weekend book and this is where the child takes the book home and the parents can write about the things they did on the weekend. When the book is filled out and brought back we extend on their learning and let you know what we have done. Please feel free to check these out on our wall in the Cubs room.

Soon to come will be a family wall in our room, this will help us with learning about different family cultures and it will be great to have the child’s family photo up for the children to see.

In the room:

We have incorporated a big foam block area where the children can climb over; this appears to be one of our favourite spots to play. The kitchen area is also another great spot where the children love using the utensils and blubber to one another whilst cooking up a storm. In the art area we have been getting more creative and doing lots of art work, play dough and other sensory activities.

Parents/Guardians involvement is always welcome – please feel free to pop into our room and share any special interest you may have will all the children.

We are also seeking any unwanted resources from family’s homes – items such as boxes to baby clothing, toys and old household items for our kitchen area.


Just to let you know we are sending home new sleep policies to families for them to fill out and return as soon as possible.

Great to see:

Since the start of the year we have notices some of the children have started to develop more words and can even say staff names – it’s great to hear J
Children who have started to walk
Parents getting involved with our weekend book
New families arriving and becoming a part of our Cubs room

We would also like to welcome Lynne our newest staff member to our room – Lynne has made a huge impact on the children and has lots of different ideas for games and art activities.

Thanks from Rose, Raquel, Emma, Amanda and Lynne.

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