Tigers Room

Welcome to another New Year in the Tigers Room for 2014. In the tigers room this year there is myself (Alix) as the Room Leader. I have my Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education), Cherokee who is studying her Diploma of Children’s Services, and Romy who is studying her Certificate III in Children’s Services. As a team we are really looking forward to working with your children and yourselves to provide the best possible learning outcomes for your child. Already this year we have had a strong interest in things that fly in the sky, when you walk into our room and look to the roof, you will see some of the things we have created that fly. There have also been lots of discussions about how and why things fly. We also have been working with our colours and shapes, encouraging the children to identify the different colours and shapes when washing hands, painting and at group times.
I will slowly be introducing the letter land program into the room, and am looking for some shoe boxes to store different alphabetical items. Later on in the year for show n tell I will be asking that children bring items beginning with the letter of the week.
If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you guys.
Love Alix, Cherokee and Romy.