Special Room May News: Jenny’s Epsom

Special Room May News: Jenny’s Epsom

We’ve been really busy at Jenny’s Epsom,to read about what has been going on in your child’s room select your room below:


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Cubs Room News


Your little ones have been very busy in the Cubs room recently. We have been continuing to enjoy the usual favourite activities of singing songs and bubbles!
Children are always captivated and engaged when we begin a sing-a-long. Even at this early age children can learn so much from listening to songs, it is helping to promote early literacy skills and musical skills.

Children are becoming very familiar with particular songs that we like to sing including “Tiny Turtle”, “Open Shut Them”, and “Da-gloof went the little green frog”. The children are beginning to start singing these songs on their own using key words and actions that we all recognise such as singing “bubble bubble” for “Tiny Turtle” or opening and closing their hands for “Open Shut Them”.

If you would like to sing these songs at home with your child we will soon be posting the lyrics for current songs we are singing on our child carers app so feel free to check it out and enjoy some sing-a-longs of your own!

Bubbles are a classic favorite in the Cubs room, a simple activity which inspires curiosity and a sense of wonder in all children. We have had a couple of days where the breeze has been blowing and children have been absolutely ecstatic watching and chasing the bubbles around the yard as they are swept up by the breeze. Now that the weather is not too hot or too cold we have been loving more time outdoors.

Children have become very observant of sounds, reacting to sounds like mowers, trains, and of course the garbage truck that always stirs up lots of excitement and interest. We have also continued to have fun in the sandpit, children are taking initiative to find themselves a shovel or bucket and get busy exploring with their senses! We may be bringing some sand indoors soon so that on wet days children can still engage in sand play.

Many children have been displaying their verbal communication skills lately as they learn to label their body parts “eyes, ears, mouth, nose etc.” We encourage this by talking to the children throughout the day including at nappy changes and during play. We ask questions like “where is your nose” or “what’s this” pointing to their nose. We will continue to encourage this. We will also be adding some pictures of faces and bodies to the room to further promote children’s connections between speech and meaning.

A couple of reminders now, we are trying our very best to stay on top of your child’s belongings. To save any confusion it’s a great idea to label your child’s belongings clearly with a label that won’t rub off in a matter of hours (if you haven’t already). Dummies, bottles, clothing and comfort items we see a lot of with all the children in our care, so labels on these would be fantastic! Thanks in advance.

We were very sad to say goodbye to our room leader Amber this month! Amber had been a valued member of the Jenny’s team for five years, and had enjoyed her time as room leader of Cubs this year we wish her all the best for her new journey.

In the meantime you may have noticed float staff and staff from other rooms helping us out, it’s been lovely to have them, and for children to engage with new people. Our regular room staff including Chelsea, Lucy, Jess and Kelsey would like to remind you that we are always eager for your input and ideas into our program, your child’s needs and just generally keeping up to date with you and your family, so please feel free to chat to us as much as you like! We will have news of who will be filling Amber’s position of room leader very soon so stay tuned!

Giraffe Room News


Over the last month we have continued to teach the children about our colours and shapes. We have done this through different paintings and shape pastings and books. Other favourite books have been books about transport and animals. The children are excellent at identifying the different animals and transport vehicles and knowing the sounds that each different animal or vehicle makes.

We are still heavily focusing on toilet training with several of the children now wearing underwear and many children in pull-ups, sitting on the toilet after each nappy change. Children are rewarded with a sticker to place on their toileting chart after having a go at sitting on the toilet. The children and staff are very pleased with the children’s progress.

The children have noticed a change in the weather and will often comment on the rain, cold and wind. This has been an interesting topic we have been speaking about over the past couple of weeks. The children are beginning to take responsibility for their own wellbeing as they ask for help to put their jackets on to keep warm. Feel free to pack a rain coat and gumboots for the wet weather and make sure you are packing appropriate clothing for the cooler months as we don’t want the children getting sick.

This week we changed the layout of the room. We added new cooking utensils and food to the home corner which has sparked an interest in cooking. The children will often bring plates and cups to educators and say things like ‘Want some coffee?’ or ‘We’re eating pancakes.’ We speak to the children about being safe in the kitchen and how the oven and pots are very hot, so we must not touch them.

The baby’s area is still very popular. We recently added bottles, dummies and a bath tub to the area. This has brought us to the topic of hygiene and body parts. We talk to the children about bath time and how we need to wash daily to keep ourselves fresh and healthy. The children like to tell us about how they have bubbles in the bath with their toys.

To extend on the interest of body parts, some potato head toys have been added to the room program. The children can express their creativeness as they place eyes, legs, arms, mouths, noses etc. anywhere they choose on the potatoes. We will continue discussing the different parts of the body and further extend with the song ‘Heads and Shoulders’ and by trying to introduce the game ‘Simon Says’.

Outdoors we have really been working on our gross motor, balancing and coordination skills. We have been doing this through obstacle courses and climbing frames. The children have been building their confidence as they begin to use the equipment without assistance from educators. We have been quite good at waiting for our friends to finish before having out own turns.

Next month we will begin focusing on the alphabet as the children have been showing an interest in the alphabet chart that is stuck on the wall. We will do this through singing the alphabet and talking about different objects and what letters these different things start with.

If you have any topics you would like us to focus on, please don’t hesitate in speaking to one the staff in the Giraffe room. Thank-you.

Zebras Room News


What a busy month we’ve had in the Zebra’s Room!

This month’s calendar of events saw us participating in Kiss Goodbye to MS Day where we dressed in red in support of those affected by MS, and learning everything there is to know about compost and why it is great for the environment that we live in.
On Friday the 6th, we welcomed out wonderful Mothers’ to join us for an afternoon tea, which we prepared ourselves! Our mums were also given a Mother’s Day present that we had created at daycare for their special day. We had a lovely afternoon with the mums and thank you for joining us!

Hey De Ho and Quirky Tales are always a great time with us participating in singing, dancing and reading stories with Tina and Narelle on topics including the weather, feelings and different languages.

We have been particularly interested in colours this month, participating in a range of fun activities. We’ve been able to match coloured materials to our colour wheels for some awesome artwork, sort different coloured balls into the same buckets and gone through the room and pointed out all the different colour that we could find.
As we are coming into the cooler weather, we are reminding parents to make sure that a jacket is packed in your child’s bag and also a raincoat and gumboots on wet weather days as we do still like to venture outside as it allows the children to experience different weather patterns and changes.

Thank you for a lovely month and we look forward to the next one!

Tigers Room News


What another exciting month it’s been in the Tigers room!

This month we have began working on our colour recognition with the children being able to participate in an artwork pasting experience which has been posted onto child carers. The children were able to paste lots of different coloured pieces of paper onto their page and then identify the different colours to their educator. We will continue to work on our colour recognition skills throughout the year.

We are also flying through our letter of the week and we are currently up to the letter N. The children have really enjoyed learning about the different letters and are doing so well at coming up with lots of different words that begin with each letter of the week. We have been getting lots of positive feedback from parents about how much the children enjoy the learning about the letter of the week which we love to hear.

In other news you may have noticed a fish tank in the room which is empty at the moment but we have eagerly awaiting the arrival of some fish to put in there or perhaps a turtle which we are all very excited about.

Lately the children have also enjoyed using the skipping ropes, balance boards, hula hoops and stilts that we have been borrowing from the preschool room to use. It’s so great to see the children showing so much enthusiasm for participating in physical and engaging in increasingly complex sensory motor skills and movement patterns.
We have also been doing lots on the different emotions continuing on from one our quirky tales sessions. The children have enjoyed using the emotions face masks and puzzles and reading books about feelings and talking lots about our feelings at group times.

Our supermarket and camping area are still a huge hit within the room
just a quick reminder to please make sure you are naming all items of clothing and are regularly checking lost property for anything that may be lost and are sending your child in appropriate clothing for the colder weather.

Thanks for yet another fun and exciting month in the tiger’s room, we can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

Preschool Room News


It has been a busy of couple of months in the Preschool Room with lots of fun and exciting play experiences enjoyed by all.

We have been continuing on with our letter of the week and the children’s letter recognition skills are coming along beautifully, each week we set out different experiences based on the letter and also encourage the children to come up with their own. These experiences can involve arts and crafts, science, numeracy, literacy and music and movement.

Board games have also been very popular this month with educators encouraging the children to choose a different game and sit down and play with a small group of peers. Memory, snap, a rocket ship game and lady bug game have all been very popular. Educators have been very proud of the children for their fantastic turn taking skills and the ways they congratulate friends on their wins.

Kelly Sports has been very popular with the children this term and the children are really enjoying building their fine and gross motor skills and their hand eye co-ordination skills as they try out all the different circus activities that are set up. These activities include trying to spin a plate on stick, flingers, stilts and lots more.

We have really been enjoying being outdoors and as the weather is getting cooler can you please make sure your child is bringing a nice warm jacket and a beanie, so we can ensure all children are able to play outdoors. Outside the sandpit has been very popular with the children enjoying building their sensory skills as they play, each morning the children are asking for trucks, buckets and shovels and pipes to explore with.

Thanks to all the mums that were able to come and visit us for our Mother’s Day afternoon tea. The children all really enjoyed you coming had lots of fun helping prepare all the yummy food.

The time has also come to start looking into schools so please make sure you are keeping up to date with the school information sessions. If you have missed these make sure you get in contact with the individual schools you are looking at and set up a time and go check it out. If you unsure if your child is ready for school please come and see me.

We are trying hard to finish our family tree wall so we would love it if you could all bring in a family photo. Keep your eyes peeled for important information during the next couple of the months because we have a number of incursion/excursions planned. To make these things a great success we would love for you all to get involved. If you have any great ideas or you would love to come and spend some time in the preschool room we would love to hear from you.

Love the Preschool Room!

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