Special Room July News | Jenny’s ELC Epsom

Special Room July News | Jenny’s ELC Epsom

Cubs Room

Hello families,

It has been another busy month in the Cubs room. We have welcomed many new faces to the room recently; we have been loving getting to know all the new children and families. Children have really been enjoying the new social dynamics.

We have been working on our indoor environment to ensure it is stimulating, especially now that we are spending more time indoors out of the cold weather. Children have been exploring their senses in the indoor sandpit. It’s important to us to offer opportunities for sensory play as well as connecting children to natural recourses such as sand.

We have also brought the mini trampoline indoors, children have been having a ball jumping and also learning how to cooperate with peers and deal with sharing.

The home corner has continued to flourish, children love to mimic actions they have observed as they cook in the kitchen. We hope to extend on this next month by adding some dress ups and mirror.

We have continued to learn new songs with Tina from Hey Dee Ho music program on a Tuesday morning. Children are always excited to see Tina and have a boogie to the beats.

We have been trying to make the most of times when the weather is appropriate to head outdoors, children love to release some energy outdoors and socialise with the Giraffes children and Educators. Sometimes the ground/play spaces outdoors are a little damp, we do our very best to keep children dry and clean, however spare changes of clothes packed in bags are much appreciated.

A quick reminder that if you have not yet checked out our Childcarers App please give it a look! This is where documentation of all your child’s learning and general updates are found. If you are having trouble working this out please have a chat to Danielle, or the Cubs Educators, we will be happy to help. If you have been using the app we hope you are enjoying it and we are always happy to hear any feedback. Remember if you comment on anything on Childcarers only educators can see your comments, so comment away!
We are looking forward to another month with your wonderful children and you!
Chelsea, Kelsey, Sherrie, Lucy and Jess.

Giraffes Room

This month in the Giraffes Room we have been busy with our special days and Naidoc Week. It has also been a bit sad with Educator Liz leaving us for her next adventure. You still have us as the 5 permanent staff in Kylee, Cherokee, Chloe, Jess and Shayanne so nothing will change.

Naidoc week was on the 4th-8th July we celebrated this by doing different art work with the children using some aboriginal cultural techniques. Educator Shayanne made paint brushes with the children using sticks and leaves, the children enjoyed this art experience, using their creativity to use the brushes and create their artwork masterpiece, which has been displayed in the foyer just outside our Giraffes door.

We made our own version of didgeridoos with the children after watching a clip from the iPad of how to blow into one and listened to the different sounds they made this was a lot of fun, many of the children were engaged in this activity. We also had our Teddy’s Bear Picnic day where the children were invited to bring in their teddies or other friends to enjoy a picnic for afternoon tea with their friends. All of our teddies and other friends had lots of fun playing and exploring throughout the day in the Giraffes room.
Other special days we have coming up is Pyjama week, stress down day and crazy hair day, we look forward to these over the next week or two.

Toilet training is still a big focus for us and we have children that are doing an awesome job at remembering and tell Educators when they need to go. We have started to notice that some of the Giraffes have started to use their manners more, saying please and thank you and being more thoughtful of others when playing. We encourage the Giraffes to continue with this and being more mindful of each other will be a focus in the room over the next few months as their language and skills develop more.

Our singing voices are improving with us singing a lot more songs, with Baa, baa black sheep being our favourite. Some other songs we are enjoying at the minute include Elephants Balancing, Tiny Turtle and 12345 once I caught a Fish Alive. We have a music program that comes to visit once a week called Hey-dee-ho this term it is on Tuesday. The children in on a Tuesday have been very excited to see Tina come in and teach us new songs and dancing, Tina is also teaching us some sign language and reads story books to us.

Next week is Pyjama week so make sure you come in in your PJ’S all week!
We are always here if you every need to chat or have any questions, we would love your feedback. Let’s hope the next 5 weeks go quick and spring time is just around the corner.

Thanks from the Giraffes room.

Zebras Room

Welcome to the Zebras Room, we have been super busy this month teaching the children about the letter of the week, Children are beginning to show more interest in the letter of the week as most children are participating and getting excited when we call out group time.

We have also been participating in our Calendar of events, this month we have celebrated NAIDOC week and learnt about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, Culture and Achievements. During the NAIDOC week children have been given the opportunity to be creative using aboriginal art techniques such as finger painting, dot painting and making our very own Aboriginal flag. Children also LOVED watching Dream time stories which taught children about the Aboriginal culture.

On the 7th of July children were encouraged to bring in one of the favourite teddies from home so we could have a teddy bear picnic. Our centre cook supplied us with some delish food and we all sat down and enjoyed a picnic without teddies. Children enjoyed showing all their friends their teddies and we happy to keep them by their side all day.

Towards the end of July we will have PJ week, children and staff all came dressed in their Pj’s and let’s just say we were all feeling very comfortable.

We hope you have all had an eventful and fulfilled month as we have.

Tigers Room

This month we have been working hard on our hygiene and hand washing. Some children are remembering “Handy” our hand washing mentor who is an octopus and reminds us on all he steps of washing our hands. Some children have been heard to be using our song to the tune of “farmer in the dell” as they wash their hands.

“We wash our dirty hands,
We wash our dirty hands,
Rub and scrub,
We wash our dirty hands.”

During Naidoc week we explored different ways to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements including recognising contributions to our country. We used the Ipad to look up videos and information about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands cultures. We created our own artwork that reminded us of some of the famous pieces of work we found and the techniques they used.

During our letter of the week learning, children have been coming up with some amazing words for each letter. During the letter “U” we spoke about things that go Up. The letter “W” week found us making our own waffles. We hope that you as families are able to continue the learning at home with pointing out things around the house that start with the letters we are focusing on.

During our play children have been exploring shapes and size. We have been working one naming each shape we come across and experiment with which shapes fit with others or how we can create new shapes from using other smaller shapes.

In the Tigers room we would like to ask families to please have long hair tied back for the day. This will assist us in stopping the spread of head lice as well as assisting children to get in there and play, explore and experiment with their environment without hair getting in their faces. We look forward to everyone wearing the PJ’s next week and can’t wait for a busy August!

Thank you- Rachael, Grace, Alanna & Brooke

Preschool Room

Welcome to another month of what’s been happening in the Preschool Room.
This month we have celebrated NAIDOC week, where the children really enjoyed learning about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and their culture. The children enjoyed participating in lots of different aboriginal inspired artwork including techniques such as dot paintings, painting of Australian Animals and even our own version of cave paintings. We enjoyed listening and reading some different Dream Time Stories. We even had Veronica from the Bendigo District and Aboriginal Cooperative come out and show us a special cloak made out of possum skins.

We have almost finished out letter of the week theme and soon we will be branching out into different themes the children are interested in. The children have been really interested in the human body so that looks like we will start there. Don’t worry we will still be focusing on our alphabet and number recognition as well.

If there is anything that you know your child is interested in or there is something that you would like to see us focus on, please feel free to come and speak with the Educators in the Pre-School Room.

Jamey has been super busy in the garden/vegetable patch and she is slowly getting the children out there to help with the planting of some new seeds once the weather gets nicer. So far we have planted Snow Peas, Carrots and Beetroot. The children have really loved helping digging the dirt and have been very excited by all the worms and creepy crawlies they have been finding. Rowden our handyman has also constructed a seated area out there so the children are able to go out there and sit and relax. This will come in very handy during the warmer months.

We have a busy month coming up in August with a couple of excursions planned. We are going to the Bendigo Discovery Centre during Science Week, The Bendigo library for a story time performance and possibly even Epsom Primary School for Book Week. We are also having the Australian Museum come into our centre for an Australian Animal Show. In order for these days to happen we need parent helpers, so if you are available on those days or you know a relative or friend that might be we really appreciate the help. Permission forms will be coming out soon so please keep your eye out for the information.

We have sadly sad goodbye to Emily this month, but you will still see her face floating around the centre. You will still have Alix, Jamey & Amy in the Pre-School Room.

I know that most of you have made the difficult decision with choosing a school but if you are unsure if your child is ready or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. The kinder room has their own email address kinderkidsepsom@jennyselc.com.au if you are finding it hard to contact me during work hours.

Thanks for a Great Month.

Love the Preschool Room.