Pre-School News

Our subject for study this month has been the environment and all that entails. We have learnt about recycling what we put in each bin, glass plastic paper and food we played a few games putting the correct object into the right coloured bin. Lots of fun occurred during the game, we also touched on the subject of what happens to rubbish that ends up in our oceans. It’s wonderful to educate our children on all aspects of life teaching them in the process how to care for our environment. We also had some very funny experiments using wind power. With two balloon powered cars we all sat on the mat, I blew up the balloons we were all very excited, ready, set, go, the cars did doughnuts and we all laughed. After some fine tuning we got the cars moving forward, powered on wind power. Solar power also gave the children a diverse look at the power of the sun; I made two solar powered toys, helicopter and an airplane. We sat outside in the sun covering the panels, uncovering the panels the propellers spun really fast. Our experiments are always popular prompting the little scientist in our children to hypothesise discover and wonder about all aspects of our world.

As part of our environment study we had our first incursion, Ocean creatures. Reptile encounters have many different shows and we thought ocean creatures would be very beneficial to our children. Many had mentioned how they had been to the beach, an up close look at some our wonderful creatures would be very interesting. A Port Jackson shark, sea urchin, an elephant snail, sea stars with some legs missing as well as a few crabs and a sting ray came to Jenny’s Epsom we were all so excited. The educational value cannot be measure as not many children get the opportunity to hold a sea urchin or touch a sting ray, one lucky child was able to touch the shark.

Our next adventure is an excursion to the theatre to see ‘Mr McGee and the biting flea’ by Pamela Allen. Being one of our favourite authors a live show will provide a new perspective to storytelling for our preschoolers. We will travel by bus to Rosalind Park where we will have a picnic lunch that we have made earlier, upon completion of our lunch we will walk up to the Capitol Theatre and watch the show. Providing new experience for our children is showing them how wonderful new experiences are, this builds confidence and self esteem.

The pride demonstrated by our children as they walk through the car park is truly amazing boarding the bus like a big kid, not a baby anymore. Chatting to their friends as we travel sharing familiar sites out of the bus windows is so great to see. This is one of many favourite parts of our job seeing our children grow and develop. Many parent and family helpers that come are also amazed at how much fun they have with the children creating and sharing memories that stay with you long after the day is finished. Our excursion to the theatre is on June 3rd we are all so excited.
That’s all from the Preschool bye for now….