Office News

Hello, and welcome to all new and return families of Jenny’s ELC Epsom. We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are ready for a fun and exciting year ahead. We have a lot of changes around the centre with staffing changes in each room. Please see our Jenny’s Superstars display in the hallway to see which room each staff member is working on. We would like to welcome Raquel to our team, who will be joining us in the Cubs Room.
With the weather being so warm we would like to remind you to ensure your child always has a sun smart hat (labelled with their name) so they can enjoy some time playing outdoors. Please ensure your child is also wearing sun smart clothing, and safe footwear. If you wish to send your child in a singlet top, please pack a t-shirt with sleeves in the bag for outdoor play. If your child does not have a sunsmart hat, you are able to purchase one from the office for $10.
Also available for purchase is Jenny’s ELC t-shirts with our logo on them for $8 each, or $14 each for our Kinder polo t-shirts. Please see Danielle or Mikaela if you wish to purchase one of these.
If you have not yet completed and returned a 2014 enrolment form, please do so as soon as possible. Please remember that all fees need to be kept two weeks in advance. If you are experiencing any issues with fee payments please pop into the office to see me.
Our calendar of events is starting to take shape in the hallway opposite the Giraffe room. This contains most events that we will either celebrate or recognise throughout the year as well as public holidays. More information will be provided each month as these events get closer.
Please remember both Danielle and Mikaela are always here for a chat, if you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to pop into the office to see either of us.