Jenny’s ELC Epsom | Our Monthly Update

Jenny’s ELC Epsom | Our Monthly Update

We have been loving all of the activity weeks in August! Read more about the fun activities in your child’s room below!


Another month has almost gone by! August has been lots of fun in the Cubs room.

Children have been engaged in lots of varying activities including, climbing, music and movement, construction and more! We brought some climbing equipment indoors, as lots of children have taken an interest in climbing lately. Children have enjoyed putting their gross motor skills to work with this! We have continued to enjoy music and movement throughout our day to day practice and with our Hey Dee Ho program on a Tuesday. Children have been loving when educators sing “Banana’s in Pyjamas” and “A ram sam sam”. Our favourite CD to listen to this month has been Playschool.

Construction recourses such as blocks of all kinds have been an absolute hit with children lately, as they work on their motor skills and cognitive skills to assemble towers and put blocks together. The home corner/kitchen area continues to flourish with children keeping themselves busy there for extended periods of time. We have added a new large mirror and some dress ups to the space, which have been exciting for children to try on and have a giggle at themselves! This has tied in well with book week, children and educators have been displaying their own lovely costumes, it’s great to see! Children have been taking interest in books both in small groups with educators reading to them and quietly looking at the books on their own. We will to extend on storytelling and music and movement next month by introducing some felt characters to go along with our popular songs and stories. This will give children a visual accompaniment to the stories/songs and encourage their involvement.

We have welcomed educator Grace to our Cubs room team this month! Grace is Diploma trained and was previously working in the Tigers room. She has lots of experience and passion to offer the Cubs room and we are thrilled to have her. Grace has been busy getting to know each child and is beginning to form trusting relationships with the children.

Now for just a few quick reminders. If you could find the time to check out our lost property basket (located outside Cubs room door) it would be much appreciated. It is quite full at the moment, we do our best to keep track of clothing etc. But some unidentified items do turn up and we would love them to be claimed!

As our weather has been a little unpredictable, please ensure your child comes prepared for all kinds of weather with plenty of changes of clothes in their bag just in case. Appropriate shoes are also important so that children can enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Our sun smart policy will be in action again as of September so please remember to pack a labeled sun smart hat.

In regards to communication we would love your feedback. Most of you use our communication books to receive your child’s daily information. Please let us know if you are finding the communication books helpful, unnecessary, or whatever your thoughts may be. Communication books are not a must if you feel it’s not working for your family, we do keep a daily record of your child’s information to file if you would prefer to look at that, feel free to let us know what’s best for you. Of course any other feedback about anything is welcome! We are pleased to have spent another month with you and look forward to the next one!

– Chelsea, Kelsey, Lucy, Grace, Sherrie & Stacey.


Welcome to the Giraffes room for August. As the weather has started to warm up, we are playing outdoors for longer periods of time. Our sunsmart policy will resume as of the 1St of September. This means we will need to bring in a sun smart hat.

This month we have been busy celebrating lots of our friend’s birthdays. Some children bring in balloons and party hats and we sing ‘Happy Birthday’.

This month we have had several ‘special Events’ to celebrate. We participated in Jeans for Genes Day. The children did a special artwork using denim and stuck them onto the paper. We also had Book Week. The children and their families did such a great job at dressing the children as thwir favourite characters. We had Little Bo Peep, a Fireman, Minnie Mouse, Dinosaurs, Paw Patrol, Emma the Wiggle and lots more.

We changed the room around with Chloe doing her final placement to become a Diploma qualified educator. The children have enjoyed the change and have been engaging in all the different experiences.

Our babies area is still very popular with a couple of our families welcoming new brothers or sisters to their family. The children like wrapping the dolls in blankets and giving them bottles. We are also very into books with the children grabbing them off the shelves and approaching educators asking them to read to the kids. A favourite is ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ story. The children are even beginning to remember the sentences in the story as we are reading the book so often.

If you have anything you would like us to focus on for the month of September please speak to one of the friendly staff in the Giraffe room.

– Thanks, the Giraffe staff.


Zebras have had a great month, jam packed with fun learning activities and experiences.

We kicked off the month with dental health week. Group discussions about hygenie, teeth cleaning, keeping hydrated and learning about a balanced diet. Narelle from Quirky Tales came dressed up as a dentist, using puppets to role-play a dentist experience scene.

Genes for Jeans Day was held Friday the 5th of August. Staff and children dressed in jeans and donated a gold coin in support of the yearly event.
Monday 15th to Friday 19th we thoroughly enjoyed science week. Educator Tiffany led the week by implementing wonderful experiences such as, the bubbling volcano in the sandpit, a lava lamp experience and by using eye droppers in an artwork, allowing colours to mix together as the dropper was squeezed onto the paper.

RSPCA day was an exciting experience as it involved making treasured cupcakes. Educator brought the experience into the room, demonstrating the cake making methods. Children took turns in stirring the mixture and using spoons to scoop into the cupcake tray.

Monday the 22nd was the beginning of book week. The children and staff dressed up in their favourite storybook characters. Role playing experiences took place amongst the children each day, referring to each other as what the character was. “Here comes the hulk everyone and there goes Snow White”

Daffodil day commences Friday the 26th, demonstrating awareness, support and funds to the essential cancer council foundation. Staff and children are to support the day by wearing the happiest colour of the rainbow, yellow.

We have continued on with the letter of the week learnings and implemented days of the week group activity. At this age it is important the children become familiar with vocabulary, language and pronounciation. The days of the week are a great way to introduce the children to relate to their world, connecting weekdays with events in their lives. For example ” Tuesday is swimming night” or ” Monday and Thursday I am at daycare.”

The warmer weather is very welcomed. Hats are on, sunscreen is on and we are outside enjoying the glorious sunshine.

Lastly educator Hannah is acting room leader for 4 weeks on placement for her diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care traineeship. A challenging and rewarding experience to enhance her development skills in leading a team, implementing structures, working with routines and most of all continuing to create a fun and educational environment for all children.

Thank you all for a wonderful month.


We have finished our letter of the week for the moment and are excited about incorporating colour of the week into our program. Each week we will choose a colour and ask the children to try and find the colour around the room as well as do lots of fun activities with them based around the colour.

This month we have celebrated science week. Children were excited to experiment with some different activities, even when the experiments did not work out the way we thought they would. We attempted to grow some seeds on a wet sponge but unfortunately didn’t want to grow. We have started and continue to grow some salt crystals so make sure you check them out next time your in the room! During the week we also made an awesome volcanoes where we added a mentos to coke and watched it fizz up and over flow to get the same effect as a volcano, the children thought this activity was great!

This month we have also celebrated book week. It was great to see so many children dressing up and sharing their favourite books from home with us. Most of the children dressed up as their favourite characters from their beloved books.

During the next month we will be learning about more colours of the week such as purple, pink, yellow and orange. We will also be focusing on father’s day celebrations over the next week.


We have had a super busy month in the Preschool Room with a number of excursions and incursions. Thanks to all the Parents/Grandparents that volunteered their time because without you it wouldn’t have happened.

Our first excursion was to the Bendigo Library for the Writers Festival. While there we participated in story time where we watched 2 performances and sang and danced to a number of songs. One performance was about the story Billy the Punk and the other performance was called Harry High Pants. Both performances were fantastic. After participating in story time we had a quick look around the library before it was time to board the double decker bus back to Jenny’s ELC.

Our second excursion was to the Bendigo Discovery Centre were we enjoyed participating in a Science Lab Experience and then we had lots of fun exploring all of the exhibits. This is always a fun thing to do during science week and really gets the children involved in the different science experiences we do in the Preschool Room.

We also had a number of grade 5/6 children and their teachers from Epsom Primary School come and visit us for science week. We had lots of fun in the sandpit creating volcanos. We were talking about the volcano’s for days and how much fun we had building them.

The last incursion for the month was the visit from the Melbourne Museum with their Australian Animal Exhibit. During the visit we were able to get up close and personal with a variety of different Australian animal statues.

This month while we still have been focusing on building our number and letter recognition skills we have also been learning about the human body. We have been learning the names of the different bones in our body and the different jobs our internal organs perform.

Today Jamey has been super busy setting up a Space Station so be prepared for lots of talk about space. If you have any ideas, suggestions or resources for this area we would love to hear them or feel free to bring them in.

Next month we have our Kinder Olympics (Thursday 15th) were we will be meeting all the Jenny’s ELC Preschool Rooms at the Botanical Gardens for lots of fun and exciting activities. We will need parents helpers so put this date in your diary now!

Thanks for another Great Month.

If you have any feedback/suggestions for the Preschool Room please let the girls in the room know.