Cubs Room

In our room we have started adding in more natural resource for the children to play with. We have different types of materials to feel, bottles with different items in it, cardboard boxes and we are wanting to continue adding more, we would love to ask please if families have any bottle lids, containers, bottles, tissue boxes or any other natural resources that they can bring in it would be greatly appreciated.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent teacher interviews were held last month, it was great to talk and see our Cub families. With the interviews we noticed a lot of the families were interested in getting the children to say some or more words the most requested was, Ta/Thank-you and Please. We have started implementing these words more at meal times and when the opportunity arises.

cubs room


*Please make sure that your child’s items are named please before bringing them into the centre.
*Please have a look at the calendar of Events located as you walk into the centre and on our doors to check what events are coming up.
*Please have a look at our Daily Reflections and/or program located near the sign in books in our room.
*If you have any questions or queries please feel free to ask us.

Welcome to all our new families and Happy Easter, be safe and happy.

Love The Cubs Room

Rose, Raquel, Amanda and Emma