Transitioning to Kindergarten with the Support of Early Childhood Educators

Transitioning to Kindergarten with the Support of Early Childhood Educators

Transitioning to kindergarten is a big step and it’s natural for families to feel anxious at this time. A well-designed kindergarten program will help the transition go smoothly. At Jenny’s ELC, our kindergarten program is designed to support children in all aspects of their growth as they move from a pre-school to primary school learning environment. Developed and delivered by qualified and experienced educators, our program offers children the full range of learning activities necessary for this stage of development. Through the mediums of play and exploration, art, dance, music, literacy and numeracy are all introduced in a consistent and cohesive way. The program ensures your child is supported to build the social, cognitive, language and physical skills necessary for the transition to formal schooling.

Whether your child already attends kinder, is making the move from another centre, or is just starting out, our educators are here to make this year a nurturing and fun-filled experience.

At Jenny’s ELC we understand that all children are unique and milestones are reached in a range of ways. Getting to know your child allows us to tailor our educational program to best meet your child’s learning needs. Here are some of the ways in which we will support your child’s school readiness during this time.

Social Skills 

Peer relationships are central to early childhood experiences and a great way to build interpersonal skills. When children play together, they develop self-confidence, resilience, communication skills, cooperation and tolerance. Organising social time with friends and family is great for kids. When play takes place in a nurturing environment with the guidance of trained educators, issues can be worked through as they arise and social skills will blossom. Working as part of a team, asking to be involved in a group activity, and expressing empathy and concern for others are all important aspects in a child’s socialisation. 


Problem-solving, concentration and focus are all important skills required in schooling life, and these are gently encouraged through a range of activities in our kindergarten program. Continuing to build these skills at home with games involving patterns, numbers and shapes will strengthen numeracy skills, while early literacy skills are supported daily through reading, storytelling, role play and early writing activities. 

Physical Skills

Physical skills are a key factor in your child’s school readiness. Fine motor skills are important are supported by learning the correct way to use scissors or hold a pencil. Balance co-ordination, fitness and strength are developed through ball play, climbing, dance, skipping and much more. Our educators are experienced in introducing physical activates in a way that gently and consistently builds skills in this area. 

Language Skills

Communication is central to a child’s confidence and ability to express their needs in a more independent environment. Some children have a unique means of communicating that they share with parents and people close to them. Supporting children to translate their needs into commonly used language skills will ensure they can ask for what they need and express their feelings. Our educators can support language skills, such as encouraging children to introduce a game, retell a story, or share some news. We will provide feedback over the course of the year so parents can keep in touch with how they are going. 

If you would like to find out more about Jenny’s ELC centres and how we can help your child transition to kindergarten or even from Kindergarten to school, contact us today.