Special Room June News | Jenny’s Maiden Gully

Special Room June News | Jenny’s Maiden Gully

Jenny’s Maiden Gully has had a great month of June! Check out what your child’s been up by selecting from the rooms below:

Caterpillars Room

Caterpillars June 1.

The Caterpillar’s Room has had a great month – with our new Room Leader Sharna joining the team. Sharna is loving getting to know all the children and their families.

We have been enjoying our group times, especially reading stories. We are enjoying sitting down, and listening in a big group. The children enjoy repeating words that the educators read to them. We have found many children are requesting educators to read stories through out the day, so this month we have read LOTS of books!

Caterpillars June 2Caterpillars June 3.

As it is now Winter we have been busy in the Caterpillars Room finishing off our beanies artwork for our winter wall. The children have been very creative and used their hand and eye coordination through holding the paintbrush stroking it onto the beanie. We then sprinkled the beanies with silver glitter. This artwork is just a small part of the artwork we have done for out Winter wall so be sure to check it out.

We had a very special visitor earlier in the month when educator Maddy brought in her puppy for the children to pat. The puppy’s name is Charlie, the children all sat in a circle while Maddy put Charlie on the mat. The children were all excited to see Charlie the children were all trying to get close to Charlie so they could pat him. The children are able to wait patiently for their turn to go up and have a pat of Charlie. This is a group experience where the children are all engaged in a community activity.

Butterflies Room

Butterflies June 2

We have had a fun month (again) in the Butterflies Room! This month we have had a large focus on using recycled materials in our craft experiences, so a big thank you to all families who have donated to us. We have used lots of donated meat trays, using them as a background for many different craft experiences. You will see them all hanging in our room in the wall, so keep an eye out for what we have been able to do with them. We love teaching our children about sustainability, especially when we can do so it such a fun and craft way! If you have anything you would like to donate you think we can use, we would love you to bring it in and we will put it to good use.

Butterflies June 1

The children are continuing to show a great interest in animals – especially jungle animals such as lion, tigers, elephants, giraffes. A large amount of our artwork this month has been to extend on this interest.

Butterflies June 3

Earlier in the month the butterfly children were able to participate in a group experience of creating grass heads. Educators guided each of the children to spoon some grass seeds into a stocking, followed by some soil before tying up the stocking and placing them into the cups provided. The children then watered the top of the stocking to create grass heads. The children will each have a named grass head and they will continue to water them to watch them grow. We did this experiment as part of environment day to help promote the children’s knowledge of natural living throughout providing food and water to the grass heads to help them grow.

Bumblebee Room

Bumblebees June 2 Bumblebees June 1.

This month we have had quite a few new children join us in the Bumblebees Room – so we would firstly like to welcome those new families.

We have also said goodbye to Sharna as she takes the next step in her career as Room Leader of the Caterpillars Room, and big HELLO to Mel, who is now our Assistant Room Leader! Luckily we still get to see Sharna, as she comes back for lots of visits.

This month in the Bumblebee Room we have been busy creating our Bumblebee Theatre, we have been decorating it with paint and sparkles and everyone got to put their own special touch on to it. The children will be using our new theatre space to create plays and use puppets as well as to explore their imagination. We are using a giant box donated by one of the families – a big thank you to that family.

We are continuing our letter of the week, and are finding the children are really interested in learning about each letter, and by the end of the week, many children are able to recognize the letter – and also find it around the room in other books, signs and labels.

Bumblebees june 3

We are noticing the children are really beginning to form friendships, and play in small groups with other children this month. There has been lots of small group games initiated by the children – such as follow the leader, playing musical instruments together, singing and dancing games and role play games. It is lovely to see the children develop these friendships together.

Bumblebees June 5

This month we have been talking in the Bumblebee room about different ways we can look after the environment. We discussed looking after and planting trees and plants and the sustainability of a garden, and we went spent some time in our garden and saw our celery growing. We spoke about how it needs sunlight and soil and water to grow nice and big then we can pick it and cook it in our kitchen.

Grasshopper Room

Grasshoppers June 1

This month the Grasshoppers headed off to Tumble Tots at Palmer’s Gym in Mundy Street for their excursion. The room was full of excitement as the children waited and waited for the bus to arrive. At 11.30am the bus finally arrived at the centre where the very eager children were waiting to climb on. We had a few first time bus users this month who were full of excitement as they climbed up onto the big bus, taking everything in as they looked out the rain covered windows. Once arriving at Tumble Tots the children were amazed at all the bright coloured equipment set up for the to use, some even commenting that it looked like inflatable world. After some warm up stretches and some demonstrations on how to use the equipment safely while tumbling the children were able to venture off to an activity choosing what to do.

There was balance beams, long trampolines with foam pits at the end, basketball, bubbles, balancing stones, blow up runways and lots lots more that the children could tumble over and roll safely along.

This was a lot of fun for the children to engage with and while having fun we learnt how to interact with others safely, move around others, safely hold our bodies to make sure we didn’t hurt ourselves and take turns with others. All of this made for a great time out of the centre with our friends.

We can’t wait for our next excursion – keep an eye out for details coming soon!

We have been continuing our letter of the month activities, and the children are really interested in learning more and more each week about the letters! This month during ‘T’ week, we enjoyed a teddy bears picnic outside in the sunshine. The children had the opportunity to have a teddy sitting beside them as we sung the teddy bears picnic song and made our way out to the picnic mats where we enjoyed a great afternoon tea.

Grasshoppers June 2

The children are loving role play games, and are often initiating their own games, in large groups. Earlier in the month the children gathered in a small group creating a zoo enclosure within the nurses corner. Jesse hid under the table pretending to be different animals making a wide range of noises while the children guessed which animal he was working out whether he was a zoo animal or a farm animal. After a while the group surrounding Jesse grew bigger and bigger as they all helped each other to decide on animals and where they lived while giving Jesse lots of ideas about what he could be. This showed the children able to resource their own learning and work together to create a space that they are proud of and show off their knowledge and understanding. It is really great to see the children working together like this as they create and develop friendships.