Special Room June News | Jenny’s Epsom

Special Room June News | Jenny’s Epsom

At Jenny’s Epsom, we have been doing a lot of exciting activities across each of our rooms! To learn about what has been happening in your child’s room, please select the room below:

Cubs Room News:

CUBS 1-24.6.16 CUBS 2-24.6.16

We have had a very busy month with Occupation week this month, the children came dressed up in different working industry fields. It was great to see them all dressed up.

We have also supported Red Nose Day, Educator Amanda set up an activity with yellow paper and cut out red spots. The children enjoyed this activity as they got to make their own pictures out of spots.

CUBS 3-24.6.16

We have also had Emergency Service Week. We had lovely families from the centre to help arrange to bring out different emergency vehicles. We had a Highway Patrol car and a Fire truck. The children had front row seats looking out the window of our room and out the fence from the yard. The children were very fascinated by the lights and the different noises the vehicles made.

Some of our children have transitioned over to the Giraffes room next door. Their Giraffe friends have been very welcoming. Children from Cubs who have transitioned over to Giraffes are still able to interact with their other friends from Cubs by playing outside together during indoor/outdoor play.

Recently we have set up a new home corner in our room. This has been the new favourite place for the children to play. The children have loved banging on the pots and pans that have been provided.

Singing songs and dancing is still a favourite in our Cubs room, especially when we have Hey-dee-ho visit on Mondays. Having Hey-dee-ho is a great way to start off the week.

Giraffes Room News:

GIRAFFES 4-24.6.16 GIRAFFES 3- 24.6.16

This month in the giraffe’s room we have been very busy with our daily activities.

With still a strong focus still on toilet training and getting the children to wash their hands, after they have been on the toilet or had their nappies changed. With the addition of the steps at the change area in the bathroom, the children are very keen to have their nappies changed and to count the steps as they step up them.

We have our new winter menu this is our 3rd week in and our giraffes are enjoying the different taste of food that Sarah our cook is preparing for us.

We haven’t been spending as much time outside with the weather being so wet and chilly. The Giraffes have enjoyed the different obstacle courses that are out under the veranda when we do go outside. Playing chasey around the sandpit the children are interacting and getting to know each other better. With our children becoming more confident with their language we have been focusing on calling others by their names and are starting to play together and form friendships within the room.

We have children starting to transition into the zebras room which is exciting to see as the children are developing and extending on their skills and development. Children from the Cubs are transiting into our room, the Giraffes are being great helpers involving themselves to make new friends and to help out as the new children are adjusting to the room.

Painting, drawing, pasting and playdough have been some of our fun art activities this month. The Giraffes enjoy the interactions they are having with the Educators and their peers in the room when being artists and making their masterpieces. We have been having a focus on colours in our room this month, the children seem to be really enjoying learning about the different colours, we have made lots of playdough in all different colours and using our creativity skills to make all sorts of interesting objects.

GIRAFFES 1- 24.6.16GIRAFFES 2- 24.6.16

This month’s calendar of events has seen the Giraffe’s room support Red Nose day the children had the opportunity to wear something red in support of SIDS &KIDS. Also our art work Educator Cherokee blew up a picture of Educator Kylee and the children had the chance to stick a red nose onto her picture. The children thought this was funny and laughed when they did their picture.

Last week we had Emergency Services Week and we were lucky enough to have Educator Cassy from the Zebras and her Dad came to visit in the fire truck for us to see. Earlier in the week we talked about fire trucks, we spoke about what sounds the fire trucks make, what does a fire truck actually do and what do we do in a fire emergency. The giraffes knew the sound of the truck and the colour of the lights, so when the truck was here most of us hopped up and had a walk around, others were happy to look from the ground and loved seeing the lights flashing.

Thanks for a great month in the giraffes room feel free to come and see us if you have any questions or suggestions. Kylee, Cherokee, Jess, Shay, Liz and Chloe.

Zebras Room News:


Welcome to the Zebra’s room where we have been super busy with not only our calendar of events but also our letter of the week which has just recently implemented within our room. At the beginning of the month we got a whole week to dress up for occupation week where we saw staff and children come to Jenny’s dressed up in their dream occupation outfit. This saw a range of different occupations come through the room from doctors to super heroes, we had lots of fun getting creative with what we wanted to wear.

We have also had another dress up day where we have come dressed in red to show our support for Red Nose Day. During the day we were able to get our noses painted red and participate in fun art activities.


We have had lots of fun learning about our emergency services during the week of 20th – 24th and even had Narelle from Quirky Tales come in dresses up as a SES volunteer and read lots of stories about different emergency services. We also got to see a police woman who came through our room to visit and say hello to our children and while the police woman was talking to the children in the older room we took the opportunity to head to the fence in the cubs/giraffes yard to have a look at the police car that she drove in. The highlight of our week was on Friday the 24th when we got to participate in an incursion when our very own Zebra staff member Cassy who is a volunteer fire fighter brought in the fire truck with her Dad and allowed the children to head out to the car park and explore the truck. We got to watch our friends climb aboard the truck with Cassy and hold the hose out to pretend to put out a fire!


The children have thoroughly enjoyed our focus on the letter of the week as we work our way through the alphabet. Throughout June we have covered letters B, C, D, E and F and have loved having the families involved by bringing in items from home to place in our letter of the week box that is situated next to our sign in book. Then during the day we will use these items in our group times to help promote what things start with that letter. Just a reminder that coming into the cold winter months to be packing a coat and beanie for your child to enjoy the indoor/outdoor program that is on offer.

Tigers Room News


This month we have been working hard on our letter of the week. As it changes weekly children are starting to remember past words and letter as well predicting the next letter we will do. As part of out letters of the week we have started creating a space area. We made some planets for P, a Rocket for R and a Sun for S children are getting excited about the different things they can create together as we move through the alphabet.

This month we have had a focus on hygiene and hand washing. We have started to sing our hand washing song together during group times. Children are encouraged to remind each other in the bathroom to use soap after using the toilets and before/after meal times. Remembering to use soap every time we wash our hands seems to be a bit tricky at times so we will be focusing on this over the coming weeks.


This month we have had our career and emergency services weeks. Children have enjoyed dressing up, visits from different family members and emergency service volunteers. We were lucky enough to have a police officer come visit and bring along their police car. We also had volunteer fire fighters with their fire truck. Children have been learning what an emergency is and what to do in the case of an emergency.

Pre-School Room News

LIONS 3-24.6.16 LIONS 2- 24.6.16

Well it has been a busy month in the Preschool Room with a very full calendar of events keeping us entertained.

During Occupation Week we provided the children with a great excuse to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grow up. We had some great costumes and it was very interesting to see what the children wanted to be when they grow up. We read books and had great discussions with each other about all the different career paths we could take.

We have had Alanna from the Tigers Room in our room for the last month, completing her final placement before becoming a Qualified Diploma Educator. She has been a great asset and the children have really loved having her in the room. During her placement Alanna has set up some great experiences that the children have really enjoyed participating in. While learning about the letter R the children asked if we could make a Robot and with Alanna’s help and guidance we worked together as a team to create the Robot. We each had to draw our own plan for how we wanted the robot to look, and then come up with the different materials we needed to create it.

LIONS 4- 24.6.16

Alanna also set up our doctor’s area which has been very popular with all the children. The children have had lots of fun building their role play skills as they have taken on the roles of doctors and patients. We have had some very serious injuries and illnesses according to our little doctors but I’m proud to say everyone has pulled through.

LIONS 1- 24.6.16

During Emergency Service week we were lucky enough to have the fire brigade and the police come in for a visit which was very special. During this week we also talked a lot about what we need to do in an emergency and what number we need to call in and emergency and what to say on the phone to the operator. We were very good at memorising the number we need to call 000, but not many of us knew our home address. Maybe it is something that we could be practising at home.

We have had lots of chatter in the preschool room about the different schools we are going to, in the coming days I will be putting up a notice in the Preschool Room asking for you to write the name of the school your child is planning to attend next to your child’s name. We also have a number of excursions/incursions coming up so please keep your eye out for the permission forms that will be coming your way. As always we love to hear any input you have on how you think the preschool room is running and any ideas and suggestions you might have. Alanna will be going back to her room next week and we will soon be saying a very sad good bye to Emily 🙁