Special Room April News: Jenny’s ELC Strathfieldsaye

Special Room April News: Jenny’s ELC Strathfieldsaye

Joeys Room

  • This month we have been busy welcoming all our new children and families into the Joeys room.
  • The children have been showing great interest in the outdoor environment. They have been very intrigues with the garden, feeling the different textures of the plants and flowers.

Joeys gardening (2) Joeys gardening

  • We have been encouraging the children to develop their self-help skills. They have been helping with wiping their faces, putting bibs and toys away and even assisting to hang the washing.

Joeys self help


Wallabies Room

  • The children and educators have been picking vegetables and herbs from our garden to use in some yummy dips and pizzas as part of their interest in showing children you can grow and eat

Wallabies Gardening

Wallabies gardening 2

  • The Wallabies have also been engaging in a lot of sensory play this month such as creating play dough, cloud dough, hand paintings, slime and currently they are in the process of making a sensory board for the children to engage in

Wallabies dough making

Wallabies handpainting

  • A lot of children have loved the new play experiences provided in the room recently such as the babies corner and fire house play space. The children are showing great care for the dolls and trying to wrap them in blankets, bathe them and rock them in the cots to sleep. With the firehouse, the children have been dressing up and pretending they are fire fighters and they are using amazing imaginative skills making the sounds of fire trucks and pretending to put out fires

Wallabies Fire house play

Koalas Room

  • On Wednesday the 13th April, the children wore green to raise awareness for Preemie babies. In the Koala room the children were invited to paint bibs to show their support.

Koalas bibs

  • The children have been talking about healthy eating. As a part of our World Heath Day Celebrations the children participated in making healthy fruit kebabs. The children got to choose their own combinations of fruit to place on their kebab.

Koalas Fruit Kababs

PreKinder Room

  • The children and educators have made a compost bin. They engaged in discussion with the children about “what goes in the bin?”

Pre Kinder Composting herb planting (1)

  • Have begun planting their own herb garden with a view to using this for future experiences and possibly cooking

Composting herb planting (7)

Pre Kinder Composting herb planting (6)

  • RAINBOW WEEK- children have made a rainbow as a group project, bringing materials from home to contribute to this project. They have dressed in a different colour each day and are looking forward to the rainbow day on Friday. Learning in the room has focused on the colours they are wearing each day and seeing what in the environment is also this colour

Prekinder Rainbow Wk (5)

Prekinder Rainbow Wk (2)

  • Letter of the week F- for fish and flower. This occurs through group discussions about what starts with the letter F and they have enjoyed reading the rainbow fish book and begun discussions about sharing (which is the theme behind this book) and making their own rainbow fish Kinder

Pre kinder Painting Flowers (3)

  • Looking at healthy foods through craft, discussion and hands on activities. The children have also been involved in planting a variety of vegetables in the garden beds (donated by Bendigrow) and were very excited to have a visit from the staff at Bendigrow Nursery who came in to talk about seasonal fruit and vegetables. This will be extended on Thursday 21st April when one of the kinder room parents (who is a qualified nutritionist) will come in a talk with the children about healthy eating and make some vegetable people using some ingredients sourced from our vegetable patch

Kinder visit from Bendigrow

  • Veronica from BDAC visited the children to spend time talking about culture, what this looks like and means to people. The children enjoyed making Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags with Veronica

  Kinder Flag MakingBDAC visit to Kinder