Special Room April News: Jenny’s ELC Bendigo Hospital

Special Room April News: Jenny’s ELC Bendigo Hospital

Bowen Room

The Schaller Auction Night was a huge success and enjoyed by all families and children involved. It was a wonderful night to see the children’s sense of pride as they looked at their well-crafted canvas art.

As an extension from our excursion to the Bendigo Art Galley and the Schaller, we have been discussing pedestrian safety. We have been looking at the different signs that we might see and what they mean including traffic lights, zebra crossings and crossing buttons.

This week we have started learning more about Australian animals. Recently, we have been reading the ‘Wombat Stew’ story and discussing about the children’s knowledge of Australian animals. We will continue to explore this through stories, songs, dance and using research.

A current interest in the Bowen environment is the worm farm and compost heap. Many discussions and explorations about worms have resulted. Another nature interest is that of the beans growing in our yard. The children have been gathering a harvest each day and delivering them to Dean – he cooks them up for our stir-fries and snacks.

Parent Teacher Meetings were a great opportunity for Educators and Parents to discuss their child’s progress so far this year. We are available for additional appointment times to further discuss your goals and needs throughout the year.

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Lansell Room News

All of the children have show interest in our garden and are becoming more socially responsible for their environment as they water the gardens throughout the day.

We recently added a digging patch and it has been a popular addition! Educators are teaching the children about the land and we have even found some worms, which we have explained how the worms help enrich the soil.

The children are still enjoying the extended obstacle courses we have set up. The experiences have helped the children develop a range of skills such as problem solving, cause and effect and inquiry.

We continue to encourage the children with their development in their self-help skills. Some of which are helping pack-up, preparing for meals, washing and drying their hands, hanging up their hats and scraping their bowls after meals.

In line with our sustainability teachings, we have also had our first visit to the recycle bin. The children, with their educators, walked down the passage, out to the recycle bins where they learned to place their cardboard and paper into the correct recycle bin.

Please continue to restock your child’s bag with several changes of clothes, because of ‘spills and messy play!’ Also keep the supermarket bags coming in. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the educators in the room.

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Kurmula Room

Oh how the year is just flying by, we can’t believe it’s April already! The children have settled in well and we as educators have seen some wonderful new and old friendships blossom.

We have been working hard on assisting the children to build on their identities and sense of belonging as we develop our family tree and identity wall.  Recently, we have been giving them the opportunity to show ownership and independence by encouraging the children to put their own items away in their bags, getting themselves dressed after rest time and looking for their hats when going outside.

As reflected in our program we are teaching the children about nature, sustainability and respect for their environment. The children have been showing an increasing interest in our garden by planting, watering and picking herbs, vegetables and fruit.

On Thursday’s of this term we are introducing the children to Narelle from Quirky Tails. We wanted to introduce a new experience by inviting Narelle, who has a wonderful way of engaging the children into different books, poems and stories.

Also Hey-Dee-Ho is back in the team for Friday’s. The children have been learning new songs as well as using finger puppets and musical instruments to build the children’s communication and creativity skills.

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Yarrington Room

We have really been exploring our creative sides this month with painting using different modes and methods as we explore our own talents. The children have loved painting their own hands as they feel the textures of the paint and then transfer it onto the paper.

The beautiful weather we have been experiencing recently has allowed us to spend more time outside to explore more areas. We have also enjoyed some of the older children coming into our room to have a visit and help us with our learning!

The Mud Pit has been extremely popular as we slide, sit and dig in it using shovels and our very our hands!

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Stanistreet Room

During April we have been busy exploring the letters Cc, Dd, Ee, and Ff. We have been reading stories, singing songs and have been engaged in a range of craft and construction activities.

Through this we have been learning about colours and shapes (circles), including exploring the Auslan signs for each colour. We have also been practising basic numbers through counting songs like 5 little ducks and 5 grey elephants and using predictive language books such as, Duck and Goose to encourage children’s pre-reading skills.

Furthermore we have been engaging in a range of art and craft activities, including pasting and painting, to encourage fine motor manipulation and to assist children in gaining a hands on/ visual understanding of the concepts explored in our stories and songs.

This term we have yoga with Tina at 10.30am every Tuesday. The children are always very excited to find out what Tina will come up with next, and as such we have introduced yoga into our program as a sporadic quiet time activity.

The children of Stanistreet have been doing an amazing job during their show and tell presentations. Both the speaker and the audience are very eager to join in and we love to hear about the things that are special to each child.

Just a reminder to parents that the show and tell roster is available on childcarers, as well as on the information wall in our room so please make sure to take a look.