Packing a lunch box for your little ones

Packing a lunch box for your little ones

It can be a real struggle to encourage your children to eat and stay healthy. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your children grow up with good habits and that they get enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It is important that their lunchbox is balanced, so choose from a variety of food types and be creative! And of course, don’t forget to include water.

Here are a couple of recipes to inspire you to create healthy and delicious lunchboxes:

  • Smash an avocado, and then spread the avocado on two slices of multigrain bread. Add a few slices of ham and cheese to it, wrap the two halves and press gently. Kids love this sandwich, and you can add a handful of grapes as an easy snack.
  • Take a whole-grain slice of bread and lightly toast them. Spread it with peanut butter, layer with a couple of cucumber slices, then cut the sandwich. For a snack, a banana and a couple of little cherry tomatoes would be great.

Try not to include bread in their lunchbox every day, as this can be unhealthy. Be creative with what you include in their lunchbox, as there are lots of other options to fill up your little ones.

  • Crackers can be a delicious and lighter option to include. A little hummus or yoghurt can go a long way to add flavour, and a boiled egg is another easy and healthy snack. Finally, some chopped up carrots and strawberries will give them the energy to get through the day!
  • Mini wraps are also a winner. Combine tomatoes, corn, onion and cheese in the wrap, sprinkle some lettuce on top and roll up tightly. For a snack, chop an apple in slices and sprinkle on a little cinnamon.
  • Make a lunchbox with a lot of different fruits and vegetables, like a couple carrots, strawberries, mango, cucumber slices and maybe a little bit of chicken.
  • Finally, you can also utilise your leftovers from the night before if you’re low on time. Leftover pasta adds substance to a salad, and with a few olives as a snack and some fruit for dessert, your child will be happy and satisfied.

Try adding a frozen water bottle to your children’s lunch box to keep dairy and meats cold in the warmer months.

Even if you’re not around all the time, it’s easy to let your child know you’re always thinking of them! You can write cute messages on a banana, slip in a little love note, or on their sandwich bag. Have fun putting together delicious and healthy lunch boxes for your child!

Please check with your local school regarding allowable foods, as many schools do not allow foods such as peanut butter due to the high risk of allergies.