Getting Excited about Reading!

Getting Excited about Reading!

With constant changes in technology, many of the traditional hobbies for young children have been slowly fading away. Reading in general brings a lot of benefits to personal development in regards to building memory, verbal abilities, concentration and imagination.

Additionally, reading a book provides the opportunity for you and your child to discover and create, as well as act as a valuable time out from the stress of the day. Since reading is such a good hobby, it is valuable and essential to pass this nurturing activity to the next generation. In fact, reading to your younger children have a lot of positive impact on their learning development. The Jenny’s team has identified five major benefits of reading with your child!

The five major factors are:

1) Boosting self-esteem and communication skills

Self-esteem and basic communication skills are crucial to a child’s personal development. By reading to your child, they can listen and begin to imitate the basic sounds that you make. You will provide them with the sounds that will eventually form words of your child’s own.

There is also a chain reaction between knowledge, confidence and self-esteem. By increasing your child’s vocabulary, they will be able to express their emotions easily and actively.

2) Optimise creativity and logical thinking skills

By teaching your child to think logically you equip them with skills for success. By reading stories to your young children, they can begin to relate the scenarios inside the books to what is happening in their world. Moreover, reading stories to your child and asking them questions about that story can assist them in recognising cause-and-effect and learning about right and wrong.

3) Enhanced concentration and discipline

At the early stages of reading, children can often be distracted. However, they will eventually learn to pay attention for the duration of a chapter or a story. This can result in building up stronger self-discipline and better memory retention.

4) Building stronger bonds

As mentioned before, busy parents nowadays can have less time to spend with their children because of their daily obligations or jobs. Reading a book with your child can be a great way to build a strong relationship with them. Reading together is a nurturing activity that can teach your child useful cognitive skills and allow you to have some cuddly time as well!

5) Teaching by example

A child grows up as a reflection of their parents. If they see you reading, they will be more likely to do it themselves. Have a positive attitude towards reading time and your child will learn to love reading as well!

Reading is really important to the development of early learning skills, such as emotional intelligence and cognitive understanding. So open up your favourite fairy tales and stories for your child tonight. It’s great to see the impact that reading can have on your child’s understanding of the world around them.

You can visit Bendigo Reads at bendigoreads.com.au or Communities for Children at c4cbendigo.com.au for great links to useful resources!