Fun Activities In The Garden This Spring

Fun Activities In The Garden This Spring

Egg Carton Greenhouses:

If you have some egg cartons lying around your house, your children can build a little green house for some small seed plants. You will only need is :

  • Egg Carton
  • Package of Seeds
  • Organic Garden Soil
  • Water
  • Ziploc bag

Save your broken egg shells, wash them out, and use as a the egg carton as a planter to grow your flower or vegetable plants in. Have your child place an egg shell in each compartment of an egg carton. Fill each egg shell with soil and plant a few seeds. Water and keep in a warm, sunny location.

For a greenhouse effect, use half an egg carton and place in a large Ziploc bag. As plants grow, thin to the plants to one plant per shell. When plants are ready to transplant outdoors, simply crush the shell and place the seedling in the ground. Marigolds and zinnias are recommended for children because they grow easily and it will not be disappointing for your young gardener!


Recycled Sprinkler:

Explore the amazing world of recycling with the children, with this plastic bottle sprinkler that can water your plants and create a bit of fun. All you need is:

  • a plastic soda bottle
  • some tape
  • your garden hose.

Just grab your soda bottle and use a thumbtack or pushpin to make a line of holes about an inch apart along the length of the bottle. Then rotate the bottle and repeat the process. Do this three or four times so you get a decent spread of water when the bottle is attached to the hose.

Then go outside, push the hose into the bottle opening, use the tape to seal the bottle to the hose, and turn on the water. With luck, you’ll get a decent stream of water from the holes you punched once the bottle is good and full — enough to keep your plants happy, or give the children a little something to play in the yard with.


DIY Little Grass House:

This little grass house can be made at home without many materials from your household at all!

The things you need to make this amazing grass house are:

  • 4 new standard kitchen sponges fast growing grass seed,
  • Ruler and Permanent marker,
  • Scissors with a pointed tip,
  • Large plastic food-storage container as greenhouse,
  • Spray bottle,
  • Sewing pins (optional)

To build the house you will be using kitchen sponge and plant the grass seed in these. Let your children create the design of the house and plant the seeds together. Then explain to them that in order for the grass to grow, they will have to be patient, as this can take around three weeks to happen.

Make sure you use a spray water when watering the grass seeds and add some fertilizer into the mixture. Ask your children to water the seeds regularly, teaching them to be responsible and patient in order to see the results. This is such a fun project for children and the outcome is truly lovely!


Gumboot Garden:

Brighten your garden up with this adorable little gumboot garden. Children will love recycling the old gumboots which they grow out of so quickly, and watching magic happen as they grow.

Let your children get their hands dirty as they plant edible herbs, or even their favourite flowers so they can learn about different shades of colours. What you need is:

  • old gumboots
  • potting mix
  • seeds or seedlings
  • water

Gather some old gumboots from around the house or your local op shop. Fill gumboots with potting mix until you have reached about 2cm from the top. Plant seeds or seedlings in the potting mix and water. Watch the magic happen in the portable gumboot garden. Put your gumboots all around the garden or place them together on a stand and brighten up an area of your yard.


Share your fun gardening ideas with your child’s Room Leader!