BH Monthly Bulletin | Keep up with Jenny’s Bendigo Hospital!

BH Monthly Bulletin | Keep up with Jenny’s Bendigo Hospital!

We have been going for gold this month at Jenny’s Bendigo Hospital. Read more about what’s been going on at your centre below!


Welcome families, this month has been very busy with lots of exciting events happening throughout our room and the centre.

Firstly we celebrated the Olympics by making our own medals, painting the Olympic rings for a display in the hallway and made a tally board to keep track of the different medals won by the Australian athletes. We also had our own mini Olympics out the front of the centre on the grass area; we set up lots of different sporting games for the children to engage in, as well as some down-time activities set up under the trees for children to take a break. These activities included: hurdles, sprint running races, ladder races, hoop throwing and bean bag toss, we also engaged in a group game of soccer and tug of war which was a hit for many. The children seemed to really enjoy getting out of the centre and being so active, as such this is something that we will endeavour to continue.

During science week children got to explore different experiments and sensations with educators. Each day saw new experience for the children to engage, explore and learn about. These experiments included: an un-poppable balloon which had some very gallant educators get slightly wet for the concepts of hot and cold, we also made some very gooey slime, discovered elephant toothpaste, sucked water into a cup without touching it, exploded our own volcanoes, launched rockets, made cloud dough, raced a remote control car, squeezed our own orange juice and experienced the magic of floating teabags, among others. All in all we had a very action packed week that was utterly enjoyed by all children.

As the days are warming up we are starting to talk to the children about sun safety and what we need to be wearing when outside. We ask that parents start to think about bringing sun hats back into the service and sunscreen if the children have their own, in preparation of sun smart season coming around again.

We can’t wait to see what exciting learning opportunities next month will bring.


Wow, what a busy but awesome month of August we have had in the Kurmala room. The children and educators have had lots of fun participating in a range of activates to celebrate The Olympics games, science week and Book Week.

The children also got to be little scientist during science week by helping the educators create some cool experiments such as a tea bag rocket, volcanos, slime and cloud dough. The children enjoyed all these experiments but the tea bag rocket was by far their favourite, the children shared lots of laughs and giggle as they saw tea bags fly up in to the air.

The children have been enjoying their visits from Hey Dee Hoo and Quirky tales. The children have been leaning and exploring the set of solfa symbols, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, and ti. We have then been using them in the new songs we have been learning.

The children had lots of fun exploring science week with Narelle, learning about symbols for words relating to science and dancing along to some funky robot songs.

We have utilised the grassed area out the front of our centre lots this month to participate in some Olympics games. Not only did the children have the opportunity to spend some time outside of the centre but we had some awesome events set up for the children to participate in. The children got to explore and participate in some new activities such as hurdles, long jump, sorting colours, running, high jump and sprinting. At the end of the Olympic events the children all received a medal, it was very exciting.

Thank you Kurmala families for a fun and exciting month and week look forward to another one ahead.


Hi to all! It’s been a very wet, wet, August! But we have still managed to play outdoors (when it hasn’t been pouring!)

Once again, the children continue with the curriculum experiences. (Some may think ‘Don’t they get tired of the same things’) but research and practise shows that children thrive when they are exposed to familiar experiences. They also learn how to transfer and adapt experiences, which shows they are taking ownership of their learning.

Most of the children have joined in digging for worms in the garden. Usually the worms quickly disappear after they are dug up, so to allow the children better access to them, we have put two trays indoors with garden soil. When the children dig up a worm in the garden, they are able to take it inside and carefully place it in the tray. We researched that worms eat the decaying leaves, so the children have also been taking these to the trays.

The children show interest in their environment and are learning to respect it through this practise.

We have celebrated a number of birthdays this month. The children readily sing ‘Happy birthday’ to each other and then clap and help blow out the candles. It is important for the children to celebrate these special milestones with their peers and educators as it gives them a sense of belonging to many communities.

Throughout the year, the children have experienced the creative arts through table and group paintings. To further expose them to atelier experiences, we have introduced individual painting on the easel.

As the Olympics have been on, we used the colours of the Olympic rings.

The children continue to challenge themselves with their physical play. They have extended themselves on the climbing frames, the incline plank, the foam mats, the ride-ons and show much more confidence in their own physical abilities.

We continue with our visits to the recycle bin in line with our sustainability teachings. We have also had several fire drills as well. These drills help the children to become adaptable if the need arises for a ‘real evacuation.’

Once again, keep the supermarket bags coming, as well as restocking your child’s bag.


Over the past two weeks we have been very interested in the Olympics. The children have enjoyed looking at the medal tally and seeing how many medals Australia has won along with other countries. Using their knowledge of countries (follow on from exploring Planet Earth last month) the children are now able to identify some flags and colours, belonging to other countries, which has lead to conversations about how the different countries are going at the Olympics. Using our iPad within the room we have been lucky enough to watch some of the events being held. We saw Michael Phelps win his 21st gold metal and Usain Bolt win gold. Watching the Olympics has lead to discussions about the different events that people can compete in. Some of the children have been able to link this back to their own lives including ‘I’ve swam backstroke before’ or ‘I play soccer on Saturdays’. The children have created their own events at kinder with long jump being very popular. In September the kinder children will have the opportunity to participate in their own Olympic style event with other children from the other Jenny’s centre which we are looking forward to.

Over the past month we have also been looking at ‘germs’. We have spoken about where we can find germs and ways we can reduce the about of germs in our room. We have conducted a few experiments including ‘Glitter bug hand-washing’ to see how well we wash our hands and ‘How many germs?’ using bread and potatoes to see how many germs are on different things. We are still waiting to see the results of the second experiment but it has been a real eye opener for the children. They have started to remind each other to wash their hands after coughing or sucking their thumbs/fingers and to use soap and sing the ‘hand washing song’ while washing their hands to ensure they are clean.

We have also had the opportunity to visit Girton Grammar school this month. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to see a school environment. We got to visit the prep classroom, have a story in the library and a PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) session in the gym.
Science has been popular within the room, and the children have made slime.

Overall we have had a very busy month of learning in the kinder room.


What beautiful weather we have had and the children have been extremely independent exploring the world!

We have been discussing with the children the different textures and combinations of ground covering out in our yard. From feeling and sorting through the bark chips from the rocks to exploring the many different activities we can create with the mud and sand pit. The children are enthusiastic and curious learners, experimenting and supporting the other children around them to develop ideas and concepts.

Expressing ourselves through art and creativity the children have been manipulating paint and slim to create an idea of their own imaginations. Once the children have completed their art work the educators have been placing it up on a display to dry and throughout the day the children will often come back to their masterpiece and point with a big smile on their faces. This shows that the children are continually developing a sense of ownership and pride with the objects they have created.

We have also been very enthusiastic developing their physical abilities. The children have used the complex climbing equipment outside to explore how far their body is able to move and in what directions. The obstacle course gets slowly more advanced and the children commencing at the beginning and persisting as far as their body is able to. The children are introducing new movements and ideas to their physical abilities as they reach an area that may require un common movement or action they are altering it to suit their individual abilities.

Overall it has been a fun month of learning and development for the children.