Autumn Gardening with Jenny’s ELC

Autumn Gardening with Jenny’s ELC

People of all ages enjoy gardening, but we think it’s simply amazing and beneficial for children’s development. Gardening is a great activity that can help children learn new skills and have fun.

When children spend time in the gardens at Jenny’s (or at home) the significant adults in their lives hear all about it – typically each child will know what is planted where and love to go hunting for different things.

Gardening doesn’t have to be complex and it can be as simple as you would like to make it!

Great things to ‘pot’ up at home during the cooler months and heading into Winter can be strawberries – and they taste great!

Broad beans are super-duper easy to grow and grow quickly making it fun to watch (and even measure each day!)

Also, depending on what your family likes to cook, Coriander and Parsley also like a cooler climate and would be well worth placing in pots around the house.

Gardening engages all senses

Children learn the most when they are using all their senses. With gardening, allow children to touch and feel plants and flowers, see the vibrant colours and textures and smell the different scents. Quite often the tomatoes in Summer won’t find their way inside as the cherry tomatoes often get popped straight into little mouths. We often find the same with strawberries when planted also.

We understand growing fruit and veg isn’t for everyone but each of the centres at Jenny’s ELC are equipped with a kitchen garden to help provide our children with the opportunity to see the fruit and vegetables grow from seeds or seedlings into to delicious food. Our educators are always encouraging them to get involved with the process of gardening and growing our own produce.

Two helpful websites that you might like to look into further if interested are below – best of all they are suited to the Bendigo climate!