Autumn in Bendigo for Children

Autumn in Bendigo for Children

As the weather becomes cooler, the nights become longer and the leaves begin to change colour, Autumn makes for a fantastic time for children to take part in lots of fun activities as well as providing a great discussion point about the change in seasons.

Autumn in Bendigo is particularly beautiful with many of the streets and parks covered with potential fun for all. From arts and crafts to sensory fun – exploring fallen leaves is quite often a memory that stays with us from childhood. The smell of an Autumn morning in a park is an amazing thing!

There are different things we take for granted as adults about the change in seasons, but for a child this can be an exciting change in the world around them.


  • Taking a walk-through Rosalind Park or taking the short train trip to the Castlemaine Gardens. Don’t forget to take a large plastic bag and see what different types of things you may find. Beautiful big leaves and acorns are usually scattered all over the ground – these can be fantastic additions to home art work and we always love them to be brought into the rooms for our own art and craft experiences.
  • Bringing along a camera (or iPad, Smartphone etc.) and seeing the world through your child’s eyes. Perhaps ask them to take 5, 10 or 20 different photos of their favourite things that you both spotted along your walk. This can easily be emailed through to the centre (or printed at home) to create a book full of special pictures, each unique and special to our children.
  • Creating leaf necklaces or dry leaf decorations by threading leaves onto a string or fishing line – these can make fantastic decorations both inside and outside and can be added to each afternoon or weekend as you travel around the streets of Bendigo.


For a child who is in Kindergarten this may only be their 3rd or 4th time ever exploring Autumn – remember to take a look around and enjoy/relive the excitement that being a child is all about!

Have fun in Autumn! It’s not 40 degrees and the plants don’t need a water every single day so use that time for other fun things!