Special Room News – Bendigo Hospital

Special Room News – Bendigo Hospital

Bowen (Kinder):

  • Art Project – Children have been continuing to explore styles of Art through visits to the Art Gallery & the Schaller Studio. They will be having an Art Exhibition and auction of their work on April 6th.
  • Easter Hat Parade – hats were created and paraded at an afternoon tea with families.



  • Pet program – children continue to learn about caring for pets and engaging with our pet budgies, guinea pigs & rabbit.
  • Alphabet Program – children are learning about the alphabet and letter sounds.
  • Show & Tell – please check with educators re the show and tell schedule.



  • Transport has been a huge interest and the children are exploring all types of transport.
  • Sign language is being introduced through nursery rhymes and everyday practices such as drink, eat, toilet.
  • Recycle craft is lots of fun and we are going through the recycle box each day to see what we can paste with.



  • A digging patch has been created in the Lansell yard to give children an opportunity to experience different mediums in which to dig.
  • The children are replanting their gardens with winter bulbs & vegies.
  • A new obstacle course is being created to challenge the children’s physical skills.



  • Children are enjoying painting at the moment and exploring ways to put paint on the paper including fingers, toes, brushes & sponges.
  • The centre pets are making their way to Yarrington where the children can learn about how to treat animals gently.
  • The sensory cubby is great fun for the babies to crawl into.