Special Room June News | Jenny’s Bendigo Hospital

Special Room June News | Jenny’s Bendigo Hospital

It’s been a jam-packed month at Jenny’s Bendigo Hospital. To read the recap of what has been happening in your child’s room, please select it below:

  • Yarrington Room
  • Stanistreet Room
  • Lansell Room
  • Bowen Room
  • Kurmala Room

Yarrington Room


What a wonderful time we have been sharing in the Yarrington Room this month. We have been exploring our environment through different spaces and going on our own little ‘excursion’ over to the Lansell Yard. We have been encouraging the children to ‘keep safe’ and ‘stay together’ as we make the walk over to Lansell. The children are engaging with other less familiar children and educators while also independently exploring.


We have been discovering different textures and manipulating objects. We have loved working with the Kinetic Sand and understanding how we are able to build with it just like sand but it also fall apart at our fingertips when we try to pick up our creations.


We are exploring our physical abilities and also developing them further as we chase down balls and place our body in a position that it is best to achieve the goal we have set. The children are also really enjoying highlighting their personal achievements when it comes to physical abilities as they cheer and clap for each other as the climb as high or as far as they can.

Stanistreet Room


We can’t believe that it’s nearly the end of June already; this year is moving very quickly indeed.  The Stanistreet children have been very busy this month and very eager to show just how clever they are.  The children have been getting more and more excited about the letter of the week and the myriad of activities that they are able to engage in; making our own ice-cream during Ii week was a particular highlight for a lot of the children as they put their muscles to the test and got some yummy results.  


The children have also been showing an interest in the worm farm of late and enjoy collecting our food scraps to add to the outside worm farm for composting.  The children have been eagerly engaging with the worm farm station we have added to our room, eagerly searching out the worms and discovering new facts.  We will be continuing to follow and add to this interest over the next few months and hope to discover more exciting ways of enjoying and understanding sustainable practices using a hands-on approach.  


Recently, we had an African drumming incursion that allowed us to experience and learn about the African culture and way of life, exploring some of the ways that it differs from our own.  The children were each given their own drum to follow along with the different beats and seemed to particularly enjoy discovering how the African people carry baskets on their heads as they role played selling their wares at market.  


The weather has been getting colder but that has not stopped us from heading outside and enjoying everything that our outdoor environment has to offer.  We have been particularly busy in the sandpit area with children showing their creativity and culinary skills, cooking up a storm of cupcakes and soups decorated to perfection.  We have also been putting our problem solving abilities to good use as children work together to move water across the sand pit using pipes, determine just how much weight it takes to make a boat sink and discover how erosion can be used to make tunnel systems.  

In order to make sure that these amazing learning opportunities continue to take place we are asking that children bring along an additional change of warm clothing and consider bringing in gumboots and a raincoat for children to engage with wet weather play when appropriate.  

Lansell Room

Lansell1 Lansell2

Hello again from Lansell. It’s been another busy month and the children continue to utilise the experiences set out in the curriculum.

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, the children’s physical development is extending and we have continued to challenge them with more complex obstacle courses. We have added the rope ladder and a wooden ladder up to and onto the deck. This has challenged the children’s spatial awareness as they need to manoeuvre themselves up the rope and then onto the deck. Some of them are placing their legs through the rope and placing their feet on the ground, while others have managed to stand on the rope and pull themselves up, while holding onto the rope. They all show a sense of physical wellbeing as they adapt to more complex equipment.


The children have enjoyed playing under the tunnel that we made from ‘A’ frames and sheer material placed over the top. The tunnel has encouraged ‘turn taking’ and communication as the children ‘hide’ from everyone else!

They have also had heaps of fun with a large number of ‘perfect sized’ boxes that they have used as towers, houses, fences and buildings.

The shopping centre has been changed back to homecorner again as the children had lost interest in the shopping. As soon as the crockery, cutlery, teapots and teacups were reintroduced, the children were back utilizing the area straight away. This area continues to encourage interaction and a sense of identity.

We have continued with our visits to the recycle bin. Through this practise the children are learning about sustainability. They enjoy the walk down the corridor and out to the bin to place their items in.

We have had several special days this month.

Reconciliation Week

The children completed stick paintings on canvas throughout the week and listened to stories about aboriginal culture. Even though the children are not aware of the reasons for this week, we want them to develop a sense of belonging to many groups and communities.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The children made blueberry pops for this occasion and also made hats with the help of their educators. Some children came in their favourite hats as well! The tea party was in aid of the Anti Cancer Council and we thank all those who gave a donation.

Once again we would welcome all your supermarket bags, so keep them coming.

It’s getting colder, but we go outdoors everyday, so remember to pack warm clothes and even beanies!

Till next time, the Lansell team.

Bowen Room


Over the past month we have continued to talk about sustainable practices including gardening, recycling and reusing along with composting and worm farms. The children have been collecting food scraps to place in the worm farm and the compost bins. We have continued to talk about ways of recycling and have even made our own paper to use in our art area. The children have enjoyed the experience and our paper wastage within the room has dropped dramatically.


Art and craft has continued to be popular with the children and we have seen some fantastic creations being built. A horse, a man, a robot, a TV and some cars to just name a few creations. The children have also enjoyed painting with water colours and experimenting with mixing the colours.


For Show and Tell this month we have focussed on the children’s favourite book. Each child has had the opportunity to bring in their favourite story and tell us a little bit about it including their favourite character and page within it. It has been a fantastic opportunity for the children to build their self confidence and ability to speak in front of a group. It has also been wonderful to read some new and exciting books to the children.

We have been lucky to have a few incursions lately. We had a visit from Veronica from the Bendigo Aboriginal Co-operation. She taught us about Emu callers and then the children had the chance to make their own. We also had a visit from an African Drummer. He had all the children up and dancing and learning about African music and culture. The children even had the chance to play their own drum.


Just because the weather has cooled down doesn’t mean we have stayed indoors, in fact every day we continued to allow the children to participate in indoor or outdoor play. Ball games have been a popular choice outside with the children taking their time to practise their kicking and throwing skills. We even made the most of going out to the front of the centre to give us some more room. Don’t forget to pack your child some warm clothes for outside.

In the Bowen room we continue to be very busy and productive.

Kurmula Room

IMG_1626 IMG_1619

What a busy year we have had already, we can’t believe we are already half way through the year.  The children are continuing to grow and build new friendships. Some of our children have been transitioning to Stanistreet and we are welcoming some other children from Lansell.

As the children have been travelling and experiencing the world around them, they’re showing an increasing interest in using transportation such as buses, planes, trains, helicopters, cars and even boats. A few of our families and educators have been going on holidays here in Australia or overseas. We have incorporated this into our program as you may have noticed our world map on the window in our room. We are asking families to please bring in pictures of places they have been or are going to continue on the children’s leaning.


The children continue to express wonder and interest in their world around them as their interest in our garden and worm farm is growing. The children have been collecting their food scraps to take down and “feed” the worms. Also Eliza has introduced some recycled yogurt containers for the children to pour their leftover water into after each meal time, which is then use to water our garden.

Please keep on packing warm jackets, boots and beanies as we are embracing this cold weather.

Thank you, The Kurmala team.