Special Room July News | Bendigo Hospital

Special Room July News | Bendigo Hospital

What a busy few weeks we have had at the end of July! Select your child’s room below to see what’s been going on:

  • Yarrington
  • Stanistreet
  • Lansell
  • Kurmula
  • Bowen

Yarrington Room

What a wonderful month we have had in Yarrington. The weather over the last few weeks has been absolutely beautiful and we have making the most of! The children have been experimenting and learning about the types of clothes that we wear outside and inside. We have been very busy helping each other get out jackets and boots out of our bags so we are dressed nice and warm to go outside.

We have been exploring so many different motions outside as we practice climbing up and down even practicing on the steps! We are becoming confident in our individual physical abilities and are ready to expand and develop them, some of the children are still learning the couple of steps we have on the deck area while others branch out and are trialling the larger rope ladders and obstacle courses.

As I’m sure everyone understands our children love having a conversation on all of the phones that we have, some of the old phones are being used as resources and the children are very independent with the phone calls they are making.  When questioned with who are they calling most of the children are responding with “Mum” or “Dad” having a quick little babble then going back to pushing the buttons.

Music times are always so much fun and a favourite at the moment has been the children have really taken to exploring the many sounds of the xylophone. The children are beginning to use the instrument with extreme concentration as they are pushing one button on hitting one key at a time and then listening to the response they are receiving Using this during our small group song times is allowing the educators to model the way in which the xylophone is used and display the connection between the words and tunes of songs that we sing with instruments

Stanistreet Room

The last four weeks have certainly been wet and windy, but the children of Stanistreet have kept busy to stay warm.  We have had to opportunity to support a number of causes and explore different cultures and ways of living this month.  We started off with red nose day; the children loved the opportunity to have their faces painted and take on a different persona for the day, while supporting research for a very worthy cause.  We also conclude the centre soup drive this month and would like to thank our families for the very generous support that has been provided over the last few weeks.  These events offer the children the opportunity to practice empathy skills as they begin to understand the different hardships that people in their community face, that they themselves will hopefully never have to experience.  

We also explored NAIDOC week with the children experiencing a range of activities like sand storytelling, coloured buttons to make the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, and painting their own birds, after listening to a story about how the bird got their colours.  We also made paper plate snakes and explored a storytelling table using rocks that had pictures on one side and words on the other side. Children also got to experience cooking damper over a small fire pit and then eating it.

In Stanistreet we also have a very happy rabbit named Jingles, the Stanistreet children are amazing at looking after Jingles and have shown so much compassion to him that he has become one comfortable bunny.  He now openly explores the deck area as well as the rooms and will often be found lounging around just letting the children pat him.  Also in pet news we had Oliver A’s family provide some excitement for us.  Snowy and cold rock, the two white guinea pigs they took home toward the start of the year have become parents to three more white guinea pigs.

The children were all very excited to see photos of the babies and Oliver enjoyed sharing all about the baby Guinea pigs.  The children have now requested that Sam and Penny come back to visit Stanistreet and due to the care they already have for Jingles we have made that request happen in the hope of extending the children’s compassion for, and interest in, animals.

Lansell Room

The seventh month is nearly gone! The year is certainly flying by!

We were discussing how much ALL of the children have grown since the beginning of the year. When we look back on photos of them all venturing over to Lansell, it’s amazing to see the changes in them!

They all show a sense of wellbeing as they make choices, accept challenges, take considered risks, manage change and cope with frustrations and the unexpected! (Quite a lot for two year olds to do!)

They continue to show interest in the experiences in the curriculum and can sometimes turn an experience into ‘something else.’ For example, we had set up the trains, cars, aeroplanes and transport vehicles on the ground with a car mat and wooden blocks of wood beside it. One of the children went indoors, picked up the hammer that was with the toolbox, brought it outside and proceeded to place the wood on a table nearby and use the hammer to hit the wood. Quite ingenious as he was able to transfer and adapt what he knows from one context to another!

The extended obstacle course continues to challenge their physical skills and most of them have ‘mastered’ how to climb on the rope ladder and then alight to the deck.

We have had several visits to the recycle bin with the children eagerly taking their recyclables down the corridor and out to the bin. Through this practice the children are learning about sustainability.

We thank all parents for signing our on-going excursion forms and we will endeavour to get ‘it up and running’ very soon. It gives the children another opportunity to ‘venture out the doors,’ while keeping ‘close to home!’

Children learn everyday and they absorb all around them. We will continue to nurture your children and ‘listen’ to their voices.

Keep the supermarket bags coming, as well as restocking your child’s bag.



July has been very busy in the Kurmala room!

During June we began to organise a community walk excursion based on the children’s emergent interests, which ran for a week, around the Bendigo hospital grounds. The children were very excited to take off on our adventure! The excursion opened up conversation about the roads and brought up lots of stories from the children as they made connections with the surroundings.

This experience allowed children to be closer with the community as we learnt about the environment that surrounds us. We were excited to see the new hospital construction including all the big trucks as well as where the ambulances are going when they drive past us. On one day the children were lucky enough to go for look inside the ambulance and see the lights flashing.  We endeavour to catch public transport to extend on the children’s interest.

We have farewelled Krystal this month as she ventures off around Europe. We have also had many other families departing off on holidays including the snow, interstate and overseas. The children have been sharing many stories about their holidays and travels on their return.  We would like to continue to update and extend on our world map wall with pictures. We would love if our families could please bring in pictures of places they have been or are going to help extend on our world map and continue to support the children’s learning.

The children continue to express wonder and interest in their world around them as we continue to utilise the front garden/grass area. We have been lucky enough to spend some time out the front looking through the gardens and collecting the leaves. The children are noticing the changing colours and different shapes in the leaves. The leaves we have been collecting are being used in the art and craft area for pasting and painting activities.

Even through the colder days we have been heading outside to enjoy the puddles and fresh air. Please remember to keep packing warm jackets, boots/spare shoes, extra socks and beanies as we love heading outside!


We have had a very productive month in the Kinder room.

We have been learning about the solar system including the planets, travelling in space, gravity and the Milky Way. Using our iPad, we were able to see how astronauts eat while out in space which the children were very fascinated with. The children have also enjoyed listening to songs about the planets including ‘The Solar System Song’ and ‘Planet Song’ and have increased their knowledge of the individual planets through these.

As an extension of this learning we are now starting to explore planet Earth and the countries that are part of it. Through puzzles, a globe and a large map of the world the children have began asking lots of questions about different countries and their location. We look forward to seeing where this new interest takes us.

We have set up a doctor’s corner within the room and it has been a wonderful opportunity for the children to engage in play with others and take on different roles including doctor, nurse and patient. As some of our families work at the hospital we have been lucky enough to get some real resources. Thank you to all those who have helped us create a fantastic doctors area.

Over the past month we have also continued to focus on letter recognition and sounds. At group time we have been discussing different letters and create lists of words starting with that letter. We have also followed this up with magnetic letters and common words at our writing table. The children love the challenge of thinking of new words each night to share with the group the next day.