Office News, April 2015 (Bendigo Hospital)

Office photo

Welcome to our first year at Jenny’s ELC Bendigo Hospital. As the name implies Jenny’s is located within the hospital grounds and is available for use by all families within the Bendigo community. Due to its location we wanted our room names to reflect the rich history and culture of the hospital and as such we have come up with the names below (thanks Janet for all your research).

‘Yarrington’ was the name of the heritage listed residence that makes up the entrance of the building, the nursery and the office. This building was originally the surgeons residence but has housed many people and organisations over the past 100 years.

‘Kurmala’ was built as the private wing of the hospital and many of us “older” generation remember having our babies in there.

‘Lansell’ was named in honour of George Lansell Junior and his mother Edith who were generous benefactors of the hospital. You can see the George and Edith Lansell Laboratory in Arnold Street, just around the corner.

‘Stanistreet’ is named after Doctor John Stanistreet who was on the hospital board and was also a benefactor of the hospital. Stanistreet House became the maternity wing of the hospital.

‘Bowen’ was named after Lady Diamantina Bowen who laid the foundation stone for the Bowen Wing which was opened as a ward for women and children.


We have finally settled staff into most of our rooms and we have named photos on all the walls as you walk into the rooms. The process of employing high quality staff has been a long one but worth the effort to have the most amazing team of passionate and dedicated educators to care for your children. Each room has at least one Diploma qualified Educator, at least one Certificate 3 qualified Educator and one trainee educator. As we continue to grow and employ new staff the room teams may change slightly but we are striving for consistency for the children and families. Our Room Teams are as follows:

Yarrington – Alex, Jeanette, Brianna and Elise

Kurmala – Marianne, Cass, Jes, Briony, Chloe and Eliza

Lansell – Janet, Tamara, Michelle, Megan and Ebony

Stanistreet – Kirsty, Paul

Bowen – Seona, Netty and Laura


You may see these educators in any room – Tania, Eddie, Louise, Bronte, Rebecca, Tara Jane and Marian


Upcoming Events

With Easter next week we are holding an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Bonnet Parade, parent afternoon tea and Easter Egg Raffle. Please see posters at the centre for further details. Please note the centre is closed on Friday April 3rd and Monday April 6th for the Easter break.

An event calendar for April is now available and will also be displayed in each room. Look out for it in the foyer or your emails.


Sustainability Program and Vegetable Gardens

Dean has been working with the staff and children to create vegetable gardens throughout the centre. We have vegetables scattered through the garden beds in the children’s playgrounds, raised vegetable beds, straw bale gardens at the side of the centre on the easement, an herb garden behind the kinder room and a community garden at the front of the centre. So far this year we have harvested tomatoes, pumpkins, melons, corn, silver beet, snow peas, beans, strawberries and fresh herbs all of which have been used in our meals at the centre.

We also have compost bins, a worm farm and a recycling program which the children are also involved in across the centre. All of our rooms do ‘excursions’ to the ‘back yard’ so they can see where the rubbish, recycling and food scraps actually go.

We all love getting into the garden and would love for our families to be involved as well so we’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas, would like to help out with watering, weeding or harvesting , would like to donate seedlings or can come and work with the children on propagating our own plants.


Collage Materials

Children in all rooms are loving collage activities at the moment and we would love to have your help in collecting boxes, bottles, containers, material, ribbons, paper and anything else you can think of that they may like to paste with or on.

We’ll put a large basket in the foyer and we encourage you to drop off good quality materials with no traces of food and we’ll distribute them through the rooms. Alternatively you can take your goodies straight to your child’s room so they can begin to use it straight away.


Thank You

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all our families for your patience and feedback as we continue to grow and develop as a centre. It is our intention to be centre of exceeding quality and your comments and feedback, both positive and constructive, help us to improve and continue to meet the needs of our families.

If you would like to provide feedback it can be done through the website, by emailing the centre, or by dropping a note into the feedback box in the foyer.


Yours in care and education,


Jaylea and the Jenny’s ELC BH team.