Special Room May News: Jenny’s Bendigo Hospital

Special Room May News: Jenny’s Bendigo Hospital

It’s been a very busy month at Jenny’s Bendigo Hospital – with Mother’s Day and Road Safety week, the children have been building relationships and learning important skills!

We have lots of exciting news this week so click your child’s Room below for your monthly update!

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Bowen Room News:

In the Bowen room we have been busy learning about road safety and sustainability.

For road safety we have been focusing on how to cross a road safely. We have spoken about holding hand and using the traffic lights as a safe place to cross. Thingle Toodle, the Vic Roads safety mascot, has some wonderful songs that have helped us to remember what to do including ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think’ and ‘Hold my hand.’

We have begun having discussions about sustainability and what it means to us. The children have been able to identify different items that can be recycled and we have started putting this into place within our room. Ways that we have been sustainable so far is by turning off the lights when we can, uses boxes for construction, keeping used pieces of paper to make our own and collecting our left over water to water our plants with.

The children have really enjoyed making the most of weather outside over the past few weeks. The climbing frames have been popular with the children making their way over the obstacles, developing their balance and coordination skills. The mud pit has all so been well used with the children enjoying the sensory experience of mud between their toes and fingers. After it has rained it also has been a great place to jump in the puddles.

Overall, within the room we have been very busy having lots of fun while learning.

Kurmula Room News:

The year is just going by so fast, it is May already! The children have made some long lasting memories already that I’m sure they have spent plenty of time telling their beautiful families all about.

We are continuing to build the children’s sense of identity by following through with developing their sense of ownership over their items, through placing their items in their bags before and after rest time. We are then extending this as we develop their sense of ownership over their artwork within the room.

The children have really been enjoying the home corner this past month and showing off their emerging autonomy as they initiate their own tea parties. The home corner helps to further the children’s social interactions through sharing and enjoying a cup of tea!

Narelle from quirky tales has joined us on Thursday’s this month. Narelle has been introducing new books, poems and songs to us as she also stimulates our intellectual minds by showing us some sign language.

Hey Dee Ho is still continuing to join us on Friday’s as she teaches the children new songs with puppets and musical instruments. The children’s interest in Hey Dee Ho never fails, as soon as they see her coming they quickly sit down and watch in awe.

Yarrington Room News:

This year is going past so quickly, we are already in May! We have had quite a busy month at the Bendigo Hospital centre. We have had lots of exciting things happening within our room and here are some of our highlights:

Mothers Day
We were very lucky to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with a special afternoon tea. Some of the mum’s from our room were able to come in and have some delicious food and a play. Earlier in the day our children helped “decorate” some of the biscuits, eating all that they made, making wonderful messes and beautiful chocolate faces. Thank you to all mums who attended!

We have had quite a few of our families in our room go to see the wonderful Wiggles at their recent concert in Bendigo. Bronte has bought in some wiggles toys and even some wiggles dress ups which we have created a wiggly corner in for the children to dress up in, in front of the mirror. We are going to further decorate this area and encourage our families to bring in any photos of their children going to the concert and the concert itself, to provide the children with a further sense of belonging and a sense of ownership within the room.

A visit from Jingles
We were lucky enough to be able to bring the centre rabbit “Jingles” into our room for a few days. The children were very excited about his visit, and gathered around the cage watching him. Educators were able to hold the rabbit and allow the children to have a pat, some of the children were happier just to stand back and observe him while others were extremely excited about getting to hold and pat him.

Lansell Room News:

The children have really embraced all the changes that have come with this year. They are all growing and developing their own personalities and it’s wonderful to be a part of that growth. They continue to utilise all the experiences in the Jenny’s Benidgo Hospital curriculum and are now extending themselves as we give them more challenges.

Their physical wellbeing has developed as they have moved from basic obstacle courses, to taking more risks on the incline plank, the mat slide and the ‘A’ frame experiences. We will continue to challenge the children’s physical play as we add more complex equipment.

The home corner which encourages roleplay, has been changed to a supermarket due to a number of children ‘gathering their bags’ and going shopping. The children have been able to choose their shopping items, scan them, place them in bags and ‘deal with money.’ This experience extends on the roleplay that exists in homecorner, but allows the children a ‘broader’ look at what their community ‘looks like.’

The sensory/jungle animal area is always utilized throughout the day, whether by a solitary child or by 4 or 5. The realistic animals give the children a realistic view of other ‘living things.’ They show they are confident and involved learners as they identify the animals and are able to match them with the posters are are also able to identify what sound each animal makes.

Our visual literacy experience also helps the children with ‘sound recognition.’ This experience was developed to extend on the children’s emerging interest in literacy. They are constantly ‘reading’, and viewing books, so we wanted to extend on that interest. Most of the children are able to identify the ‘sound’, whether by viewing the photo first or carefully listening to the sound.

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day afternoon tea and we thank those Mums that were able to attend. We trust you enjoyed your ‘present’ (made entirely by the children) and photo (that Shannon took.)

He children made ‘chocolate crackles’ with their educators and these were to add to the delicious morsels that Dean had prepared for everyone. (One diplomatic parent was eating her choc crackle and giving a smile and a ‘yum, yum,’ but when one of the educators tried her choc crackle- it tasted like a mouthful of copha!!!

When we discussed the recipe, we realized we had left out the ‘icing sugar.’ Yuck! Our diplomatic Mum said ‘I thought you were just ‘doing healthy!!!’ What a typical response from a wonderful Mum!

Thank you to those parents who have been able to bring in gumboots for those times when it gets a little bit wet and muddy!

We welcome all your supermarket bags (for the muddy/dirty clothes and for ‘bagging’ our nappies. Please remember to check and restock your child’s bag.

Stanistreet Room News:

It has been a busy month of May in Stanistreet, we have been exploring all things ‘the Gruffalo’ for the past few weeks during which the children got creative and made their own Gruffalo puppets, explored some Gruffalo play dough and dared to enter the underground house that we recreated in our room.

As an extension on our weekly Quirky tales visits we are also beginning to take a more in depth look into the language of Auslan, focusing to begin with on colours, our emotions and expressive actions like cuddle and angry, the children have been very eager to recreate and practise these in our room.

On the 20th of May, a very excited Stanistreet Room set off on an excursion to the Ulumbarra theatre, there we watched the stage performance ‘The Moon’s a Balloon’ which was an enthralling and different experience for the children, so much so that a re-enactment took place once we had returned to the centre.

In order to get the children ready for walking next to and crossing roads safely we introduced a working traffic light, road and pedestrian crossing into our program, the children quickly became very clever at stopping on the red for the walkers to cross and waiting for the green signal before moving off again. As each new child joined the activity, the current children present were quick to explain the rules, and ensure that everyone was being safe, this included that occasional ticket for those running through the red lights.

Thanks for a fabulous month, parents! We look forward to learning more and getting up to more exciting activities in June!

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