Lansell Room News, April 2015 (Bendigo Hospital)

Hello to all,

Even though we are already into the 3rd month of the year, we want to WELCOME you and your child to the Lansell room.

If you didn’t already know, we wanted our room names to reflect some part of the Bendigo Hospital and its history. Our room ‘Lansell’ was named in honour of George Jnr. and his mother Edith, who were generous benefactors of the hospital. You can see the George and Edith Lansell Laboratory in Arnold Street, just around the corner.

Now to some news from our room!

The children have all settled in well, with a few tears here and there which is very normal! We feel the orientation process is very beneficial for child AND parent as it gives both you and your child a chance to see the routines and transitions of the room.

We know it can be a stressful time for both child and parent, as leaving your child with someone new can be very daunting, but we do everything possible to make ‘BOTH’ of you feel comfortable. Please feel free to talk to us about anything, as you are entrusting us with your most ‘precious’ possession.

Our routine is very flexible and child oriented. Our indoor/outdoor space allows the children choice and does not restrict their play.

The curriculum is developed from the Victorian Early Years Learning Development Framework with 5 Outcomes: Identity: Wellbeing: Communication: Learning and Community.

Our curriculum is based on learning through play and is aimed to achieve the best outcomes for every child.

Each child has a portfolio that contains learning stories and daily observations. It is a small part of your child’s day, but we encourage you to take time to look through it when you are able.

Every child develops differently and reaches milestones at different times, but they deserve to be given every opportunity to reach their potential. They should be able to take risks, make choices, develop autonomy and connect with their world.

To show the children they all belong to a community we would like to begin a family tree, therefore we are asking that you bring in any photos that relate to your family. It can include pets, photos of holidays, photos of your house etc. etc…….We will photocopy and return originals if that makes it easier!

We are still enjoying the warm weather, with lots of waterplay available, so please pack a few extra clothes in the bag. The children are also enjoying painting and collage. We encourage you to take home any of your child’s ‘masterpieces,’ because in line with our teaching about sustainability, we recycle them with the children after a week has past. We welcome items for collage ie. Any boxes (can be as small as specimen boxes to as large as a shoe box!) We are happy to come and collect them if that helps! Due to anaphylaxis and allergy, we are unable to accept egg cartons.


We trust that you, your family and your child will enjoy your time in the Lansell room as we become a part of your child’s life and learning.

The Lansell team – Janet, Ebony, Tamara, Megan and Michelle