Kurmala Room News, April 2015 (Bendigo Hospital)

Welcome everyone to a wonderful year in the Kurmala room. Although it has been a little busy we are all getting settled and enjoying building some trusting and fun friendships.

Let’s introduce all the friendly staff faces you have met so far.

Marianne and Cass are our joint room leaders sharing the role Mon/Tues/Wed and Wed/Thurs/Fri respectively. Between us we have over 15 years experience working with children and are thrilled to be providing nurturing, educational and fun care for your children. Please do not hesitate to approach us with any questions or feedback at any time.

In our team we have Jes, Chloe, Eliza and Briony (starting next week). The team are enjoying getting to know all the children and providing some stimulating environments and interactions throughout the day.

We aim to provide a relaxing and inquiry rich environment for your children and appreciate any feedback in regards to the children’s interests and current family outings. For instance the children are exploring the small balls in the sensory boxes. Using their mathematical thinking to test which boxes they fit into. This was a focus interest because the children were throwing and rolling balls outside to each other watching them roll into the rocks.

With the sunny weather we are always remembering to Slip Slop Slap and play in the shade. So please pack a named sunhat for your child to use outside.

We would also like to create a family tree full of photographs of the children and their families. This would create a wonderful sense of belonging for the children because they would be able to see and talk about their family members throughout the day. We would appreciate a photo of your family, it can be photocopied, a print or an actual photograph and it will be displayed at the children’s height for them to freely explore.

Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful year in 2015.

Marianne, Cass, Jes, Chloe, Eliza and Briony