Kinder Room News – April 2015 (Bendigo Hospital)

Hello from Seona, Netty and Laura in the Kinder room. Over the past few months we have had some very busy, fun learning times. You might have noticed our new sign in system where the children identify their names on the “who’s here today” board and place their name in the yellow section. We are also encouraging the children to label their own locker and all this will foster letter recognition and identifying their names. These skills will be built on over the year and will help the children’s literacy skills as well as taking ownership of their learning and belongings.


We have also been learning about our identity through large tracings of our bodies with collages (you can see these hanging from the roof). As an extension from this children have also created drawings of their families which are on the window display near the art corner. Building on from that the children created sculptures of themselves using clay. All of these experiences are a way of learning through the creative arts to foster self identity and self esteem. It also helps children to develop a sense of belonging to a group whilst developing their fine motor skills. The next stage of learning about our bodies has been through our friend Barnaby Bones; he’s been helping us identify our skeletal system but also teaching us about his right to be safe and to respect our environment.


Another large focus that will be on going this year has been the learning about sorting rubbish. The children are learning to sort into 3 groups – rubbish, recycling and composting. You might have heard our song “old Jenny’s had a worm farm” – this is a fun way to get the children ready for future learning and caring for our Jenny’s worm farm. The children collaborated with Seona to create the song; this is a fun way to intentionally teach literacy, care and respect for our environment.


Every Thursday we have Kelly sports come to Jenny’s and this is a wonderful time where children play physical games and develop their gross motor skills, hand eye co ordination and have a lot of fun singing, dancing and moving around.


Last Friday, the Kinder went on an excursion to the nearby hospital worksite in the hope of see Lucy the crane being dismantled. Unfortunately this didn’t go ahead but the children had a fun learning experience viewing the crane working from a very close vantage point and talking to the workmen as they left the site. We are hoping to go again to see Lucy when she eventually comes down.


If you haven’t already please sign (if you want to) the ongoing excursion forms that that will enable us to take the children onto the grassed area outside Jenny’s front door but within the hospital grounds. Walks to this area maybe planned or spontaneous, however we will let you know by placing a note at the ipad login station. Risk assessments will be performed before each outing and appropriate staff numbers will be maintained. Examples of reasons to go out there would be sports activities, working in the community garden, collecting leaves and seed pods and picnics.


We are also looking forward to many more excursions, if there is somewhere that you and your family think would make an excellent excursion please share it with the Kinder Crew.


Children in the Kinder room always have access to the art corner which in encourages drawing, painting, cutting, collages, sensory play and anything else that might come along. If you have anything at home that you think would be great for the children to use in the art area please feel welcome to bring it along however egg cartons, toilet rolls and boxes with food stuck to them are discouraged.

Kinder Photo

Along with the ongoing learning in subject areas such as Literacy, Maths and Science, throughout the year there will be a big focus on self help skills such as serving ourselves at meal times, dressing ourselves, looking after our belongings, working cooperatively and caring for the environment.


Warmest Wishes from the Kinder Crew – Seona, Netty and Laura