JELC Bendigo Hospital – 17.10.2014

Hello and welcome to the JELC Bendigo Hospital Newsletter.

My name is Jaylea Stone and I have been appointed as the Director of this wonderful new centre. I have been with Jenny’s ELC for 3 years as Director at the Maiden Gully Centre while prior to that, I was with City of Greater Bendigo for 16 years as a Kindergarten Teacher at Annie Galvin and Helen Jessen Children’s Centres. I look forward to keeping you updated during this exciting time as we approach the opening of the Bendigo Hospital Centre.

We have begun the process of appointing educators and I’m thrilled to say that Janet Crawford, Alex Dempster and Dean Bennett have joined Darren and myself at the centre. Together we have been up to our arm pits in boxes while taking on the challenge of constructing and setting up furniture, equipment and resources to ensure the centre is at operational standard in preparation for licensing. We will be continuing to add educators to our team during the next month and will continue to keep you updated.

The DEECD will be conducting a licensing inspection late in October and we will begin to contact families to confirm bookings once the licence has been received. At this point we have no firm opening date.

Those of you who drive past frequently will have noticed a great deal of work occurring in the grounds and the landscapers have certainly been busy creating exciting, natural play spaces for the children to enjoy and explore. Janet and I have tested the swing set and declared it safe and a whole lot of fun. The water pumps are all working and flowing down creek beds while the sandpits are full and waiting for some creative excavators to begin digging.

Darren and I are happy with the progress at the centre and that everything that is within our control has been completed ready for licensing.

Finally, if you no longer wish to receive updates please notify the centre via email, bendigohospital@jennyselc.com.au. If you know of anyone who may be interested in using the service but is not on the email list please forward this update and encourage them to visit the website www.jennyselc.com.au and lodge an expression of interest.

I look forward to posting further updates over the next month and meeting you all and showing you through this stunning centre.

Kind regards,

Jaylea Stone