Do the children receive meals?

Jenny’s Early Learning Centre offers four nutritionally balanced meals daily, morning tea, a delicious lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. We source the majority of our food locally, supporting local butchers, fruit grocers and local organic wholesalers.

For more information about our kitchen suppliers, please visit our Community Partners Page.

What age groups does the Jenny’s ELC cater for?

Jenny’s Early Learning Centre provides quality care to children from birth to school age. The centres provide a learning environment which is age and stage appropriate. Consultation with your family prior to allocating a room helps us to ensure that the best Educational Outcomes are achieved for each individual child.

What do I need to bring?

Jenny’s Early Learning Centre provides a variety of things, however we do request that families bring the following:

At Jenny’s ELC, we believe there is never ‘bad weather’, only unsuitable clothing. We encourage children to bring rain jackets and gumboots on rainy days, and wide brim hats and T-shirts/ dresses with sleeves in the warmer months.

Children who are toilet training may require several pairs of underwear. Please ensure that changes of clothes and bags are clearly labelled.

Is Kinder Available at Jenny’s ELC?

YES. All Jenny’s Early Learning Centres run a Kindergarten program which operates from 9:00am – 5.00pm, 5 Days per week (Kinder times vary between service locations). The program is run by a university qualified Kindergarten Teacher and incorporates an extensive transition to school program that is developed in conjunction with the Early Years Coordinator at the surrounding schools. The program includes visits to schools as well as visits to the centre by the school’s Prep teacher.

Jenny’s ELC also offers a Pre-Kinder program that is also typically run by a University Qualified Kindergarten Educator or a Diploma Qualified room leader who is undertaking a Degree in Early Childhood. The children are able to explore the resources of the Kindergarten room and develop their skills and interests in a play based environment. This helps to support children‘s confidence and their transition to the Kindergarten room for the year prior to formal schooling.

Is Jenny’s ELC affordable?

Jenny’s Early Learning Centre provides the highest standard of care at affordable prices. If the annual household income is less $149,597 then your family is entitled to Child Care Benefit (CCB). To find out what your entitlements are and how much you can save, please contact us or click on the link below.

Am I entitled to the 50% Child Care Rebate and how does it work?

All parents who pass the work-training- study test are now entitled to Child Care Rebate (CCR), regardless of your income you are entitled to 50% off the total gap fee (capped at approx. $7500 per child per annum). Payments can be directed to centre to reduce weekly out of pocket fees or it can be directed straight to you quarterly.

What activities will my child have access to?

Our ongoing children’s development program offers educational and recreational programs which are designed to optimise the creativity, mental and physical advancement of your child. Self expression is encouraged through a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, such as music, arts and crafts. Children’s interests are supported and encouraged through individual and group stimuli from 55″ interactive learning screens to cooking experiences which can help in the development of concept skills and its fun! Our outdoor playgrounds are age appropriate and would physically challenge ALL children.